The White Rose Resistance

By:Sophie Ebert, Rachel Leimer, and Victor Tremblay

People Involved in Resistance

  • Hans Scholl
  • Sophie Scholl
  • Christoph Probst
  • Students of Munich University

The Resistance

  • Hans, Sophie, and Christoph saw that the government was corrupt And wrote pamphlets about it.
  • Their pamphlet was called the White Rose.
  • People read their pamphlets and realized thy were right.
  • One day they were caught giving out pamphlets and were sent to jail.
  • Four days later they were sentenced to death.
  • Hans last words were, "Long live freedom!"

Photos of the People Involved

Additional Information

  • This all started on February 22, 1943.
  • Hans and Sophie were siblings.
  • They all went to the University of Munich.
  • At first Hans, Sophie, and Christoph liked Hitler and his ways, but they changed their minds later, realizing that he was bad.


Excerpt from the book:

The White Rose: Long Live Freedom