Walker Midde IB Virtual Open House

IB World School & Home of the Wolves

Welcome to the Year of the Open-Minded

Greetings Walker Families & Welcome Back Students!

We are looking forward to the return of our Walker IB students on Monday, 8/24. Teachers and staff have been working hard to prepare! As a reminder, each Monday is an early release day-student hours are 8:30 am - 2:25 pm.

All students will begin the year with eLearning Smart Start week (8/24-8/28). We will use this week to familiarize students with new applications and build community within our classrooms.

To orient you to the new ways of work in the Wolves Den, our staff has put together a compilation of videos. Please begin your Open House experience by viewing my video below, then moving to the "Meet Your Teachers" link below my video. Next, you can check out the remainder of the newsletter links & attachments for more info.

Attached at the bottom of this newsletter, you will find several documents that will be of help to you: Bell Schedules, How To Read Your Schedule, HOST Information, eLearning Guide, Walker Reopening Plan for Safety & Sanitation, What to Expect the First 10 Days of School, a Simplified Canvas Log In & Password Overview & eLearning Expectations.

As a reminder, all students are required to wear a face mask on campus when social distancing is not possible. Please conduct a wellness check of your child each morning before school. If your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home.

We look forward to a great school opening and year of learning! Have a wonderful weekend!


Heather Holloway

Principal/IB Head of School

Meet Mrs. Holloway Below!

Open House 20 21 Video Walker Middle Magnet

Meet Your Teachers & Learn About Classes!

Read all steps before clicking FlipGrid Video link below!

  1. Be sure to have your schedule handy. See attachment at bottom of newsletter to help you read your schedule.
  2. Click the link below (or copy/paste) to view Flip Grid Videos. Must view in CHROME.
  3. View Administrator Videos First for Important Instructions (Important!)
  4. On left click "20 Topics"
  5. View Virtual Tour, Counselors, Front Office, Custodial/Cafeteria.
  6. If you are student with an IEP, view Exceptional Student Education.
  7. Find the topics for your grade level.
  8. View the videos for each of your teachers.

Click this link to view teacher Open House videos: https://flipgrid.com/ad466dd0 (NO PASSWORD NEEDED)

Face masks are required at all times on campus when social distancing is not possible. Face masks must adhere to district dress code guidelines.

View the district's dress code policy HERE.

Instructional Materials for eLearners

The drive through pick up times for eLearner instructional materials will be as follows. This will take place on the bus ramp.

Thursday 8/27

6th Grade - 8:00-9:00 am

7th Grade - 9:00-10:00 am

8th Grade - 10:00-11:00 am

What if my schedule is missing a period? Has a duplicate period? Or has more than one course assigned to a period?

Request a schedule correction HERE. A correction will be made within 48 hours and will be visible in Canvas when the correction is made.

Please Note!!! There will be NO teacher or schedule changes unless there is one of these 3 errors on the schedule.

Please Note!!! All elective courses are full. There will be NO elective changes.

What should I do on the first day of school?

On the first day of school, you will log in to your 1st period Zoom meeting at 8:30 am through Canvas. Be sure to check Canvas in advance for information from your 1st period teacher. As a back up, we are compiling a list, alphabetical by teacher, of Zoom IDs & passwords. Mrs. Holloway will send this information on Sunday evening. After 1st period, you move on to 2nd period and so on. Be sure to check out the bell schedule attachment at the bottom of this newsletter.

Our Student Body

Total Number of Students: 1056

eLearning Students

543 (51.4%)...6th-181...7th-198...8th-164

Brick & Mortar Students

478 (45.2%)...6th-188...7th-159...8th-131

Hillsborough Virtual School: 4 (0.4%)

No Response: 31 (3%)

School Hours

  • Every Monday (except 5/10, 5/17, 5/24) is an EARLY RELEASE day. School begins at 8:30 and dismisses at 2:25.
  • Tuesdays through Fridays are regular school days. On these days, students begin at 8:30 and dismiss at 3:25.
  • Office Hours are 7:30-4:00 (appointment must be made 24-hours in advance in order to visit campus)

When do I eat lunch?

6th Gr - 4th Period (Mon: 10:45 - 11:26 Tues-Fri: 11:07 - 11:56)

7th Gr - 5th Period (Mon: 11:29 - 12:10 Tues-Fri: 11:59 - 12:48)

8th Gr - 6th Period (Mon: 12:13 - 12:54 Tues-Fri: 12:51 - 1:40)

Order Uniform & Spirit Gear Info!

**Uniforms are only required for Brick & Mortar students. eLearning students are required to follow District Dress Dode Policy

Walker Uniform Policy for Brick & Mortar Students

Order Spirit Gear Here (enter "Holloway" as homeroom)

Order Uniform Polo Here (enter "Holloway" as homeroom). No PE Uniforms this year. You are not required to purchase polos with a logo. You may purchase polos in the colors of Hunter Green, White, or Burgandy at local stores.

Uniform Pick Up Dates

Inquire About Uniform Pick Ups cynthias.gonzalez@sdhc.k12.fl.us

Supply Lists

Check out our brick & mortar supply lists here! These supply lists are geared for our On-Site Learners, by grade level. Once student schedules are complete, individual teachers may request additional supplies.

Check the district's general eLearning supply list here! These supply lists are geared for our eLearners. Once student schedules are complete, individual teachers may request additional supplies.


The district Transportation Office is beginning to provide bus routes to families. If you have not received your bus route information by Thursday, 8/27, please email michele.alvarez@sdhc.k.12.fl.us Ms. Alvarez can also assist you with a change of address.

Looking for a Carpool? Click HERE

Where is Walker taking our IB Learners? Our Vision & Mission...

Vision: Empowering students to take what they learn and make the world a better place.

Mission: Equipping internationally-minded students through rigorous, service-based learning in an atmosphere of creativity, inquiry and fun.

Walker's Instructional Priorities


Literacy strategies will be embedded into all content areas.

Knowledge of Students

Ongoing formative assessment data (academic, social/emotional, behavioral) will be utilized to decrease achievement gaps in identified subgroups.

Student-Led Progress Monitoring

Students will self-monitor mastery in each course in order to set goals.

Administration & School Counselors

Student Last Name A-Lo

Assistant Principal - sarah.caldwell@sdhc.k12.fl.us

School Counselor - amanda.edlfalquez@sdhc.k12.fl.us

Student Last Name Lu-Z

Assistant Principal - henry.lefler@sdhc.k12.fl.us

School Counselor - monica.ode@sdhc.k12.fl.us

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