Celebrate with BRUNCH & BUBBLY!


What is Heart of Leadership? It's for STAR Stylists and above whose teams work together and earn their Star+ pay rank 4 months in a row! We've already done it for 3 months, February will mark our 4th month! We are SO CLOSE! HOLLA!

We will do this, Opals! I've been so impressed by our action, our consistency, our CAN-DO WILL-DO attitude these last few months! There's no way we're giving up now! So let's go for Month 4 and become a Heart of Leadership Associate Director Team! We receive special recognition at HOOPLA when we accomplish this feat!

To reach our Associate Director rank, we need to collectively sell $20,000 in the month of February (I must sell at least $2000 of that personally) and at least 4 stylist legs must qualify (sell $500+). In addition, at least one stylist must earn her STAR Stylist pay rank ($10,000 in team sales and 3 qualified stylists).

So how will we celebrate when we are a Heart of Leadership Associate Director team?


When we become a HOL Associate Director team, you will all be invited to my house for brunch, date to be determined, but some time in mid March. When you sell over $1500 PQV in February, you will be invited a little early for a special Champagne toast. Because champagne makes everything better, right?

If you can't make it to the brunch or live further away than driving distance, don't fret! We'll toast via Skype or FaceTime during brunch. And if you happen to sell 1500+ PQV, I will send a little something your way to celebrate YOU!

Let's Put 2-2-4-2 Into Action

2-2-4-2 is a great way to get back in the game as a stylist! Whether you've taken some intentional time off from your business or you're sluggish because of Snowmageddon, the great news is that ANY day can be your DAY 1. Execute the 2-2-4-2 system and you'll kickstart your business in no time… the more people you reach out to, the more online orders you receive, booked Trunk Shows and interested new Stylists you will see! All it takes is 10 minutes (or less) a day! Who doesn't have time for that?
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To maximize your 2 contacts a day, you'll want to fill out a Who Do You Know List with 50 of your family and friends—yes, you know 50 people! I start with FRANK: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and people you know through your Kids or extra-curriculars (church, book club, etc). You've also met customers and hostesses! Keep this list with you at all times to write notes and set follow up dates. If your list gets too full or a bit messy, print out a fresh copy and write down the first 50 people that come to mind. I actually keep my WDYK List in an excel file, complete with notes, dates I've reached out, details of our recent conversation, etc.

Call 2 people a day, every day for a week. Keep this up for a month and, on average, you should have reached out to 40 new contacts. This should result in 2 online orders each week, 4 new trunk shows scheduled and perhaps add 2 new stylists to your team.

Or, if you're feeling extra BOLD and SASSY, reach out to TEN a day! I guarantee you'll love what this does for your business at the end of the month.

So if you're looking at an empty trunk show calendar for February, and wondering how you'll earn your spot at a champagne toast, start with the 2-2-4-2. It's not too late to start booking your February. I just booked 2 February shows this weekend… 1 on 2/12 (hostess already has 11 coming, invites went out last night!) and 1 on 2/21. I want to toast you ALL!

Cheering you all on and can't wait to celebrate all of your successes! So glad that you are ALL a part of this team! Let's bring Heart of Leadership home to the Shimmering Opals!