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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Congratulations Whiz Quiz Kids!

Saturday, February 6 the Carpenter Whiz Quiz teams competed in the district competition. After blowing by Wilson, Armstrong, and Hendrick, our 7th grade team was in a good position heading into the knockout round. In the quarter finals, we handled Robinson 105 to 85 to put us in the semis. We came up short in the semis against perennial powerhouse Rice, but solidified our 3rd place finish. Please congratulate the following for bringing academic pride to our school:

Jaece Houston (team captain)

Nikolai Rura

Haley Madden

Tajon Muhammed

Ethan Litton

Ethan Wood (not pictured, he had to leave for soccer)

We are proud of the 6th and 8th grade teams who also competed valiantly but did not place.

Special thanks to Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Humphries for volunteering as judges.

-Coach Spear

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Basketball Tournaments: Thursday, February 11th thru Saturday, February 13th

Come on out and show your support!

$2 for students and $4 for Adults.

Tournament Schedules and Locations:

7th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys

8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys

No School Monday, February 15th

Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

Treats for Teachers

Show our teachers some love! Please send a snack (brownies, trail mix, chips and dip, cookies) with your child Thursday morning, Feb 18. Contact with questions. Thank you!

Howdy Carpenter Families,

Please join us for our annual Open House on Monday, February 29th at 6:00-7:30. We would love to visit with you about the great things going on at CMS and provide a brief update about your student’s progress. And, to top it off, we will host our staff versus student volleyball game beginning at 7:15. Let’s see if the students can finally win one against the staff! Additionally, your PTA will be here to provide information about how you can support CMS programs and students. Hope to see you there.

~ Courtney

School Report Card

This letter instructs how to access both the Federal and State of Texas 2014-2015 School Report Card for Carpenter MS. These reports are prepared by the Texas Education Agency. The report provides information concerning student performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as information on student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures. Read more... English or Spanish


What's on Deck

Thursday, February 11th

Monday, February 15th

  • No School Students

Monday, February 29th

  • Open House @ 6:00; Staff v. Student Volleyball Game @ 7:15

For 8th Graders Only-Four Year Plan Meetings

February 2 - February 25

ALL INVITATIONS HAVE BEEN MAILED OUT. Your student will have a red folder with a reminder one week before your meeting.

Contact Janet Jordan, 8th Grade Counselor, at 469-752-5016 if you have any questions.

NJHS Student Reminder...

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Box Tops New Rewards

Students, keep turning in your Box Tops in sets of 25 to the school store! You can exchange them for your choice of treat! Candy, soda... so many choices!


PTA Lifetime Honorees

Thank You for Your Outstanding Service to Our Children!

Mr. Nguyen, Mrs. Schneider, and Mrs. Beckman have been nominated by the Carpenter Middle School PTA to receive the award of a lifetime! It is the National PTA Life Achievement Award—the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization—an award only given to those who daily live out their commitment to children.

We want to Recognize and Thank you for going above and beyond for all children—for being the one who acts as a tireless advocate for children’s education, health, and well-being.

Mr. Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen grew up in Vietnam where education came at a great cost for many poor families. At an early age, he saw many kids drop out of school because of their families’ poverty and hardship. These circumstances blazed a great desire and passion in Mr. Nguyen's heart to help others; he wanted to teach every poor kid without charging any fee. Now, Mr. Nguyen is teaching mathematics for the eighth year at Carpenter Middle School. Mr. Nguyen has a heart for all kids. He strives to make math fun while bridging educational gaps. He is a vital member of the leadership team who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. It is obvious that teaching is his passion. Mr. Nguyen invests countless hours getting to know and welcome his new students during Open House and beyond. He is the epitome of what middle school leaders want in an educator; he is focused on the development of the whole child. Carpenter Middle School staff, students, and parents are thankful for Mr. Nguyen.

Mrs. Schneider

Mrs. Schneider has been an active PTA member at Harrington Elementary School and Carpenter Middle School since moving to the USA seven years ago. Mrs. Schneider worked in various behind the scene PTA duties at Harrington and was the Book Fair Chairman there for two years. Being part of the PTA helped her settle in and get to know the American school system. Happy by the work she saw being done by the PTA. Mrs. Schneider later joined the PTA board at Carpenter Middle school and has been serving as School Store Coordinator ever since. She is known as the “Candy Lady” and can be found every week behind the counter in the PTA Store. Being visible at the school is a great way to get to know the kids and teachers. Mrs. Schneider participates in most of the PTA events happening throughout the school year; she is always there happy to help get the job done. Carpenter Middle School staff, students, and parents are thankful for Mrs. Schneider.

Mrs. Beckman

Mrs. Beckman has been an active PTA member for the past nine years serving on the boards at both Harrington Elementary and Carpenter Middle School for eight years. Mrs. Beckman started her PTA journey putting her OCD skills to use; re-organizing the PTA room at Harrington and leading the Spirit wear efforts. Excited to be part of such amazing schools, Mrs. Beckman soon joined the board and served in several Vice President and Secretary Roles and participated in almost every committee at one time or another. Mrs. Beckman was so excited about PTA and helping children that she even spent a year serving as a Special Education teacher for PISD. After many years of holding supporting roles in PTA, Mrs. Beckman took the leadership plunge to become Carpenter’s PTA President 2014-2015. When her time as President ended, she continued to serve on the CMS board. She laughingly refers to herself as an “OG” of PTA. Carpenter Middle School staff, students and parents are thankful for Mrs. Beckman.

As the recipient of the National PTA Life Achievement Award you will receive a certificate of recognition, a congratulatory letter from the national PTA® president, and an elegant 10-karat gold lapel pin or tie tack.

We will present the National PTA Life Achievement Award at a ceremony on February 18th recognizing your work.

Sarah Albers

Carpenter Middle School President

Back the Future!

Alex Trejo Scholarship Opportunity for Graduating Seniors Who Also Attended Carpenter Middle School

The Alex Trejo Scholarship is a $500 scholarship opportunity available for a 2016 graduating senior that also attended Carpenter Middle School. The scholarship is in memory of Alex Trejo, who performed every task, great or small, with utmost integrity. He served as a positive role model to staff and students at Carpenter for 24 years.

Scholarship Requirements/Application


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Dear Parents,

Texas students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will participate in the state-required State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) this spring. STAAR is a state assessment program designed to measure the full range of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies. STAAR was developed to identify students' academic achievements in writing at grade 7, in reading and mathematics in grades 6, 7, and 8, and in social studies and science at grade 8. We hope that students will regard the test as important, but that they will not approach the test with undue anxiety. In accordance with state guidelines, your son or daughter will be tested on the following dates:

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For any student who is absent on a testing day, a make-up test will be completed during the testing window. Results of the 8th grade mathematics test, and of the 8th grade reading test will arrive at the school approximately 2 –3 weeks after the date of the test, and they will be distributed to parents as soon as possible. Students who do not meet the passing standard will have additional opportunities to retake the 8th grade reading and mathematics tests. Results of all other tests will be sent to parents at the end of this school year. The scores will provide teachers and other educators with information needed to help students improve achievement in mathematics, reading, writing, and science.

As always, we wish to keep parents involved and informed about student programs. Please contact your grade level counselor if you have any questions.

Cowboy Character

Somebody very wise once said:

“You are the master of words yet unspoken. Once spoken, they are the master of you.”

What do you think that means? Who decides what words are going to come out of your mouth? Obviously, YOU do, so YOU are very definitely the master of your unspoken words.

What happens after you speak your words? Somebody else hears them, and that somebody responds to those words – for better or for worse. He or she may even act upon your words or may pass your words along to somebody else. Now who’s in control of those words you spoke? Are you in control anymore?

Today, take charge of those unspoken words and think before you speak.

Remember: You are the master of the words you speak and responsible for what those words produce in the world.

RODEO Tip of the Week

Parenting a teen is sometimes like walking through a minefield. They’re usually moody, stressed and sleep deprived. Then add those hormones kicking in, and it’s enough to throw up your hands. Well don’t. The thing is teens desperately need your connection, and they desperately need your guidance. A big parenting secret is picking your battles and upgrading your strategies to fit your teen.

Take a moment to think through what you really stand for, and identify the values that matter most to you and your family. Ask yourself, “When my teen leaves the nest, what values do I want her to take away?” Those values are your non-negotiables. Those issues are the ones to talk about most. Those are also the ones she is most likely to adopt if you explain why you deem them essential. Remember, parents who raise moral kids don’t do so by accident. Be intentional! Explain your beliefs. Don’t deviate from what matters most.


Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information: “Did You Know”

Increasing Overdoses From Synthetic Cannabinoids (“Spice,” "K2,” etc.) in Several States.” Follow this link to learn more!

Gary Wilson

Director of Family and Social Services

Plano Independent School District


PISD Parent Workshops for February

Click English or Spanish for printable flyer.

Family Education and Guidance Services 469-752-2272

Lady Wildcat Soccer

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Making Our Mark

“Make Your Mark” is the Plano Independent School District’s motto. At Carpenter Middle School, everything we do for our students, families and community is executed with compassion and determination. We are making our mark at The Ranch!