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Australia; beaches, animals and the aboriginals

Australia is beatiful, there are some animals, there are much kangaroos. And Austrailia has very nice beaches.

In Austalia lives a lot of aboriginals

Beaches in Australia

Five Beautiful beaches to visit :

- Whitehaven beach, withsundays à white sand and crystal-clear water

- Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island à fresh water :) and very very clear water

- Palm Cove Beach à warm and cosy beach, perfect for your honeymoon and it has very nice palm coves :)

- Lucky Bay, Esperance à the sea has different blue colours and you can see some sunbathing kangaroos.

- Bondi Beach, Sydney, à you can there very good surf trough the big waves.

Animals in Australia

Five beautiful animals you can see in Australia

- Kangaroos à kangaroos are popular in Australia. We love them but the inhabitants don’t love them. They cause many accidents.

- Koala à for most part sleep the koala or he eat.

- Emu à he have wings but he can’t fly. He can take steps of 2.7 meters.

- Wombat à he eat carrots, grass and bark. It’s family of the bear

- Dingo à the dingo looks like a dog but cry instead of bark


There live a lot of aboriginals in Australia, they have their own culture and they like to be with each other. They build their own villages and they do everything by themselves.

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We have been in Australia <3

Australia is a very beautiful country. The kangaroos also very special animals. but because they do cause many accidents jump them anywhere so we understand that people in Australia often not as happy with the kangaroos.

On the beach we have the most beautiful sunset ever seen. and on the Heath we also have a couple of wild zebras spotted. that was quite cool.

Australia is really super but sometimes something too hot: In the time we were there we have 2 rainy days experienced, but otherwise it was between 30 and 50 degrees.
Though 40/50 degrees is really a little too hot for us.

If I could choose I would still prefer to live in the Netherlands. or do then but France or something. because Australia is too hot for us and it is a little too far away for the family :) <3

It was one of the best vacations ever!

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