The KinderConnect

November 2018

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held Wednesday, November 7th, and Thursday, November 8th in the evening and Friday, November 9th in the afternoon. Conferences are to be fifteen minutes long. Please be punctual and respect the time limit so that every family gets the time that they are entitled to. We are looking forward to meeting with you and reviewing your child's progress! If you are still in need of scheduling a conference, please contact the front office.

Colder weather....

Baby, it's cold outside! As winter is fast approaching, we kindly ask you to send your child to school with appropriate clothing and footwear. Coats, gloves, scarves, and hats should be brought to school daily. Please also work with your child to have them practice getting their coats and gloves on independently. Thanks for your support with this!

Report Cards

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of school ended Friday, November 2nd! Teachers are busy preparing report cards to communicate with you about how your child is progressing with the expectations of quarter one. Report Cards should go home with your child in his/her Thursday Folder on November 15th. Please review the report card and sign the report card envelope. The report card is yours to keep but we ask that you return the report card envelope to school each quarter. Thanks!

Reading Groups

We have started our reading groups and have been working really hard! Students have been practicing letter sounds, sight words, and using reading strategies. They have also been practicing reading grade level appropriate text called "little books." Depending on your child's teacher, students have been bringing home reading bags with sight words and little books. Please help reinforce the skills taught in reading groups by having your child practice their sight words and little books at home each night. More information and activity ideas to practice sight words will be shared during conferences. Please have your child return all reading materials to school daily in order to be prepared for the next day's lesson. Thanks!


Kindergarten will be starting Unit 4 during the first weeks of November. Unit 4 is on 2D shapes and measurable attributes (heavier/lighter, longer/shorter, etc.) Below is a menu of additional items that you can do with your child at home to support these skills.

Grade K Unit 4 Family Resource

Unit Name: Describing and Comparing Measurable Attributes

What Can We Measure Video:

We can measure objects in different ways. Check out this video measuring objects using length, width, and/or height.

Curious George: Comparing Heights

In this activity, children will compare objects by height.

Measuring Up Game (Website)

Practice measurement vocabulary by comparing objects.

Curious George: Sort and Describe by Shape

In this lesson, children will sort and describe objects by shape.

Shape Match (Website)

Practice shapes by playing Memory. Match everyday objects to the correct shapes.


Students have been busy practicing writing letters and words. Through modeling and the use of sentence starters, students have been able to write sentences and drawing pictures. We link this to our discussions of authors and illustrators from reading block. Students will continue to use their knowledge of letter sounds to help with inventive spelling to share their ideas to others. We will continue working on these skills throughout November to build students independence and stamina.


We will be using a variety of text, informational and literary, to teach reading skills to Kindergarten. Students should be able to answer questions about and beyond the text and identify main ideas. They should also be able to retell the story and story elements.

Word Study

Kindergarten has been busy learning about rhyming words, syllables, and sentence structure. This month, students will be identifying and discriminating between different beginning consonant sounds. We will be doing several sorts and activities to practice. Students will also be learning and practicing new sight words weekly.


We recently began our first science unit on Force and Motion! This unit is fun-filled and engaging. Students are using Kid K'Nex blocks to demonstrate knowledge of roll, swing, and spin of pushes and pulls. We enjoyed visiting the STEAM lab with Mr. Dulberger to learn how force effects motion.