The Trekker Times

February 15, 2021

Principal's Pen

Dear Bishop Baraga Trekkers,

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off yesterday!

Last year one of my goals was to work on school traditions. Along with preserving some of our traditions already in place, I wanted to come up with some new ones as well. One of those we decided to try was a fun Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday) tradition of crowning a Mardi Gras King and Queen at an all-school assembly and having them "reign over" our day's activities. COVID has made preserving this tradition in it's entirety difficult because we cannot get into our much-missed family groups or gather at an all-school assembly, but we do plan to carry on a scaled down version of that today. Hopefully the students will still have fun with it, and we can bring it back in it's fullness next year!

Lent starts tomorrow. Our all school Ash Wednesday Mass will be at 10:15 a.m. Although it is not a Holy Day of Obligation, going to Mass is a wonderful way to start the Lenten Season. This is a time to draw close to Jesus through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Each class will have their own Lenten activities. We are also sending home a family Lenten calendar for you to use at home. It's a simple and easy way for the children to track their way through Lent. Try to hang it in a central location where your children can color in a square each day to represent their Lenten journey toward Easter. Also, at the end of this newsletter you can see a reflection on preparing for Lent by Father Mike Schmitz. I hope you find the time to listen. I found it helpful and inspiring! If you haven't ever seen or read anything by Fr. Schmitz, he's worth looking into. He has so many great videos and resources and he's very engaging. Right now you can sign up for his podcast, The Bible in a Year. He is reading through salvation history starting with the historical books of the Old Testament. Search for him on Facebook and like his page and you will get to see more of what he has to offer!

Our skiing and bowling events have been rescheduled for this Friday for our 1st through 8th grade. Busing will be provided to and from the bowling alley. Students who are skiing will have a bus to the ski hill, but parents need to pick them up from the ski hill at the end of the day. Busing back to school will not be provided. More details are posted on SchoolSpeak.

Speaking of SchoolSpeak, please continue to check it on a regular basis. Teachers in the upper grades post grades weekly that need to be "Acknowledged" by you. I encourage our teachers to post as much as they can on SchoolSpeak to keep you informed, so make it worth their while and check it regularly. If it helps, set a reminder on your phone to check weekly or even daily so that you stay up-to-date on what is going on in your child's classroom. This is great tool we want to be sure to take advantage of!

Hopefully we will see you at Mass tomorrow. Have a fantastic week!


Angela Oller

Knitting with Mrs. Freeman

We had a special guest in the first grade enrichment class with Mrs. Freeman this week. Father Mike Woempner joined in and tried his hand at knitting.
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8th Grade Literature

The 8th grade class just finished reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London. For a culminating project they created game boards in groups. Each group had to assign jobs, create questions and challenges, as well as create the game board, rules, and pieces. The questions focused on characters, setting, and types of conflict. Below you can see the games the students created.
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4th Grade Art Class

The 4th graders worked on landscape dioramas this week with Mrs. Couper. These dioramas are inspired by Kelly Pousette, a Canadian artist and illustrator. She uses paper trees, animals and people to create tiny worlds that tell a story. Pousette used to be afraid of the forest, but once she began creating her paper forests including the animals, she learned to love the peace and beauty of the forest. Below you can see the excellent work of our fourth graders!
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Kindergarten 100th Day of School

Last week the kindergarten celebrated their 100th day of school. The best news is that all 100 days were in-person instruction. What a blessing!

The students celebrated with games and treats. Below you can see they had a cake with 100 candles. They used a fan to blow them out. Each student made a special 100 day project and then received a special certificate.

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Preparing for Lent

After-Care Supervisor Needed

We are currently looking for someone to help out in our after-school program. Mrs. French is the teacher, and her husband is having some medical problems. Please keep them in your prayers.

We are in need of a temporary supervisor for this program. It runs each day after school from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., although often the students have all been picked up by 4:30 p.m.

Please call the office with any questions.