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My Green Smoke Experience

I used to be a heavy smoker, but now I don’t smoke at all. All the credits go to my favorite and lovable brand Green Smoke. This is the best brand that I have experienced so far. My wife gifted me the Pro starter kit of this brand at first in order to help me to cut down on tobacco cigarette. My wife was really worried about this habit of mine as I was a heavy smoker. I used to consume approximately 2 packs of traditional cigarettes in a day.

With the, continues exposure of to these cigarettes my health begins to degrade. My wife also suffered from some health issue as she was also doing second smoke. Second hand smoke is even more dangerous that the person who is smoking it. She does not allow me to smoke in cars and also at home. As a result of which I have to go out in the chilly weather in order to smoke. This habit of mine really irritated my wife.

One day she saw a commercial of one of the electronic cigarette brand … hmmm … I could not remember the name of the brads actually. Then she did a little research kind of thing on these electronic cigarettes and searched for the best e cigarette review website. After going through much e cigarette review website she decided to go for Green Smoke electronic cigarette. According to her this was the best brand that can actually satisfy my nicotine craving. And bang on she was correct, I just simply love this brand as these e cigarette fits perfectly on my taste pallets.