Colonizing Tejas

By:Alaina Sankar

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Why you should come to Tejas

Dear Anglo's I hope you consider coming to Tejas for more than one reason. When you come to live here you leave you dent behind, the land is very inexpensive compared to America , and since you leaving you can start all over with a new name and every thing and top of this everyone is doing this and you don't want to miss out on all the land. If I were you I would take the opportunity.

The way of transporation

The way that you come can come to Tejas is from.

  • New Orleans by boat
  • Crossing the Red River
  • The north road going though Nacogdoches crossing the Trinity River.

The amount of land you can get

The land is really cheep it cost 12.5 and its for a lot more land the amount of land you can get is 4,605 acres for every member in the family. In America it cost 1.25 an acre and a minimum of 80 acres.

The smell of the pine tree's

Just imagine going outside and smell the wonderful smell of the pine tree's.
You would be truly thankful that you moved here.