nuclear fusion

december 6

join us in the discovery of our new energy source

My name is Bailey Lovett. I have been working on my lab project about nuclear fusion for 6 months and I am proud to announce that I have figured out how to use nuclear fusion as another energy source.

nuclear fusion vs. nuclear fission

nuclear fusion occurs when 2 or more atomic nuclei come very close together and then collide at high speed to create a new nucleus.

nuclear fission occurs with radioactive decay as molecules grow apart.

safety warnings and precautions

what it will bring in the future...!


nuclear fusion has barely any waste that will come along with it- not even green house gases, it is unlimited- we can have nuclear energy forever, its simple to control and has a low coast making it affordable. just think we would never have to worry about what kind of energy we will use, we can use nuclear energy forever!