Life Cycle

Ants start of as an egg. It stays in the egg for a couple days. Then they become a pupa.
Then it becomes a larva then it forms a cocoon. Then it becomes an adult.


Small ants attack the big ants by biting the big ants legs and their Antaeus to defend their self. And they fight their enemies. They run with the queen. They just run in paths and if anything gets in the path or stream they just tear it up then all the ants eat it. Some ants squirt poison at other ants and other insects like bee, killer bugs, and spiders and other insects.


Male ants and the queen ant mate. Then the queen ant loses its wings and the male ant dies. The queen ant digs tunnels and starts laying eggs in the tunnels. The babies stay in the eggs for a couple weeks and becomes a larva. As a larva it sheds its skin four or five times. The last time it sheds its skin it becomes a cocoon and it stays in the cocoon for a couple days and then it becomes a pupa for three or four days then it becomes an adult.

Interesting facts

1. Ghost ants got their names because when they walk you don't see their legs.
2. When honey dew ants tap a fat ant with their antennae and squirts honey dew in to the hungry ants mouth.
3. Harvester ants have poisonous venom.
4. Tree ants squirts poison at other tree ants.


Ants body are colorful and really small compared to other insects.
Ants have three body parts and the abdomen stores the food and the organs.
On a male ant and the queen ant will have wings.