Massage Therapy

Things YOU! dont know about Massage Therapy

What Training and Education needed to do this job

you have to graduate from a state licensed massage program with at least 500hours of formal training over a period of time

The Skills needed to do this job

you need to have social skills you are working with people everyday all day you have clients that are loyal to you and if you dont know how to treat them you will lose all your clients then you will lose your job

Job advancement

Massage therapist are always advanceing you can got from working for a spa or a hospital to having your own shop and working for your self you can always move up in the world with massage therapist you can work for a spa in your shop travel the world on a cruz

What is involved with my career

you have to get sertified to become a massage therapist then look for places that want or need a massage therapist got for a hospital or a spa or somone who has a shop or look for cruzes that are looking for a massage therapist and give you consitent clients a card with your information and open up your own shop

The outlook

Emplyment of for massge therapists is expected to grow faster then the average for all careers through 2018 according to U.S Deparment of Labor


it depends on the state and city you live in because in pa I get 16.94 an hour but in Alaska I get 41.62 an hour and you make more as you go along but it varies depending on the location

Why do i want to got into this carrer

I want to make a lot of money and massage therapist make a lot after training

Things you dont know about this carrer

Massage Therapy has been around since 2000bc and you can be a Massage Therapist for anything that is living I mean you name it you can take the classes for it and you can work in a vet office or you can open up a small clinic

Did you know that the reason massage therapy was invented was to cover up prostitution

It took 33years before Massage Therapy was ever thought of being a career

What a day in this carrer looks like

if your self employed and you do everything on your own if you don't have anyone scheduled you will wash all the towels and clean the whole shop put things away wash the windows clean the floor rearrange stuff anything that needs to be done around the shop should be done at that time like changing light bulbs small thing putting new business cards out fixing it up