West Side Story 2.0

September 1, 2023

Let's Get the School Year Started!

Thank you to all of our students and families who were able to attend Open House last Wednesday. It was so good to see so many people in the building!

Teachers were hard at work this week and they are ready for our students' return. We are so excited to welcome the 1215 Scarlets who will be starting school on Tuesday!

This is going to be the best year yet!

First Day of School

Tuesday, September 5th is our first day of school. We will begin with an all school assembly in the auditorium at 8:45am. In the auditorium, 9th graders go to the balcony, 10th grade sits in the left hand section as you enter the auditorium, 11th grade in the right hand section, and the seniors are in the middle. Students will be dismissed to their first hour class at the conclusion of the assembly.

Below you can see the schedule for Tuesday.

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We will have two lunches this year, A and B. A lunch is before 4th hour, B lunch is after 4th hour. On Tuesday, students should report to their 4th hour class, immediately following 3rd hour. Their 4th hour teacher will tell them which lunch their class will have.

Wednesday and Thursday

We will be having class meetings on Wednesday and Thursday for our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students in their English classrooms. At these meetings we will review the student handbook and answer any questions the students may have about school. Mr. Wittmer will be doing the 9th grade meetings, Mr. Krause the 10th grade, and Mrs. Blasing the 11th grade. Seniors will have a class meeting in the auditorium on Wednesday, September 13th during Scarlet Time (10:26am).

Friday - Subs on the Sidewalk

Friday we will have an hour long lunch period for our all school picnic. During this time, student clubs, activities, and athletics will have information tables along the front sidewalk. Students will be able to check out the information and learn about all the amazing opportunities they have to be involved at West. Students have a richer high school experience when they are involved in activities, so please encourage your student to sign up for something they are interested in.

Check out the schedule for Friday...

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End of the Day Dismissal - Student Pick Up

Families picking up their child at the end of the school day will need to use the back lot. The bus lane must be kept clear and accessible for our buses. There is no student pick up in the front lot at the end of the day.

Cell Phones

In high school, we are preparing our students for the adult world, and in the adult world, we know time and place are important for cell phone and personal device use (ear buds, headphones, etc.). To help support this learning, we will be implementing a cell phone policy that allows students to bring their device to school, but provides times when devices need to be silent and out of sight and times when it is acceptable to use your device.

When students are in a class, personal devices need to be silent and out of sight from bell to bell. Before school, after school, passing time, lunch, and study hall are all acceptable times for students to use their devices. If there is an emergency, and you need to get in touch with your student during a class time, please call our main office at 507 387-3461 and we will get your student for you.

This policy is being implemented to help promote student engagement in their learning and to support their social/emotional health as well. A strong partnership between school and home will be important as we make this change. We look forward to working together to support students' academic success, as well as their social/emotional health.

The information below will be shared with students during the first week, and will be posted throughout the school.

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Safety and Security

In an effort to make sure our doors are secured and supervised, please make sure to drop students off at door 1 (in the front of the building where you would enter to the auditorium) during the school day. Visitor parking is available along the sidewalk by the tennis courts. All other doors are locked at 8:45am and will remain locked until the end of the day. Staff and students are advised to not open or prop open any doors once classes begin. Any student that comes to school after 8:45am must be prepared to show their student ID. Visitors should also be prepared to present identification to our security desk upon entry to the school. Thank you in advance for your attention to this.


Daily attendance is so important in high school. When students are absent, they can make up assignments, but nothing can replace the authentic learning experiences that are created with their peers in the classroom.

Minnesota State Law requires children from age 7 through age 17 to attend school. This is called compulsory instruction or compulsory attendance and falls under MN State Statute 120A.22. This law informs our district attendance policies and impacts students and

families at West High School in the following ways:

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Attend each class and arrive on time, prepared to learn and participate.

  2. Inform teachers and office staff in advance of pre-excused absences.

  3. Have a parent/guardian call the office within 48 hours of an absence.

  4. Be aware of their own status in regard to tardies and absences in classes.

Family Responsibilities:

  1. Encourage students to attend school regularly.

  2. Notify the office by phone on the day of your child’s absence. Absences not verified within 48 hours of the student’s return to school will remain unexcused.

  3. Limit absences by scheduling appointments, vacations, college visits, etc. on non-school days.

  4. Notify the office in writing or by phone of a pre-excused absence at least 1 day prior to the absence.

Who decides what is an unexcused absence from school?

Minnesota State Law (MN 120A.22) gives schools specific guidelines around what can and what can not be considered an excuse for missing school. Please be aware that the school administration holds the final say in whether an absence is excused. Parents/guardians notify the school of the reason for a student's absence. The school must determine whether the reason fits the school board approved criteria and meets the requirement of the law.

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Meet Mr. Wittmer

Peter Wittmer is joining our team as our new Dean of Students. Welcome, Mr. Wittmer!

Mr. Wittmer is excited about the journey ahead, and getting to know each and every one of our Scarlets. He will be working closely with our student support team to ensure all students are supported in their academic and social/emotional needs. He is also leading our PBIS team, encouraging students to be their BEST!

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Events this Week

September 5

First Day of School

All School Assembly 8:45am Auditorium

September 7

East/West Girls Tennis 4:45pm at West HS

East/West Girls Swim and Dive 6:30pm at East HS

Girls Soccer 7:00pm at Caswell North

September 8

Subs on the Sidewalk

September 9

Boys Soccer 2:00pm at Caswell North

Upcoming Events

September 16

Pack the Stands (Soccer)

September 20

Early Out

September 22

Homecoming Pepfest 10:30am Auditorium

October 6


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