whant to know how to use a computer if so visit us know ?

The basics what is an computer and what it can do?

A computer is a device used for many things such as creating folders and for using software and hard where software is a what you would called programs and hardware means
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The price range.

The average price amount of a normal computer is around about 100.00 at the lowest

what hardware is

the machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.
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what is a mother bord

a printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer or other device, with connectors for other circuit boards to be slotted into.

a monitor.

A computer is an electronic device that shows pictures. Monitors often look similar to televisions. The main difference between amonitor and a television is that a monitor does not have a television tuner to change channels.Monitors often have higher display resolution than televisions.

Computer software

Computer software (often called just software) is made of one or morecomputer programs. Sometimes it means one specific program, or it can mean all the software on a computer, including the applications and the operating system. Applications are programs that do a specific thing, such as a game or a word processor.

when was a computer first made

The computer was first created in the 1936 but know it has improved massively over many and many years of work to improve.
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compared to this one

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What is memory

Computer memory is any physical device capable of storing information temporarily or permanently. For example, Random AccessMemory (RAM), is a volatile memory that stores information on an integrated circuit used by the operating system, software, and hardware.