Enviro-Ethics Project

By: Griffith

Simple Acts That Harm The Environment

Most of the animals that are affected by lights are nocturnal. They hunt, reproduce, find shelter and find food. These lights keep them from doing this simply because their predators can see them in the light. This makes the animal's life much harder for themselves.

Humans also can hurt our soil. Pesticides, nuclear waste, landfills and herbicides deplete our soil of its nutrients. This makes the soil completely useless. After all these chemicals that have been released into the soil, it can no longer provide life for plants.

Another daily habit that is affecting our environment is commuting. You may just live near your destination, so why not walk or bike instead of driving. Oil is a limited resource that will eventually run out, so we won’t be able to rely on it forever. If you don’t use your car every day it will make a difference. The pollution levels will lower, which means your health for you and your community will be better. It will also give the animals a better life because their habitats won’t be destroyed or harmed as often.
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How Do Animals, Humans and Plants Affect The Environment. Who Affects It The Most?

Plants- Plant growth can have a considerable effect on the climate, there are several ways in which plants can alter the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants use energy from the sun to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then use it to create the carbohydrates they need to grow.

Plants also cool the landscape directly through the process known as transpiration. When the nearby atmosphere heats up, plants will likely release excess water into the air from their leaves. This causes the evaporated water to cool the plant and the atmosphere around it. This process is relatable to sweating, when you sweat it cools your skin.

Animals- Animals have a big impact on the environment. Elephants can seriously alter a specific landscape. When humans try to harass the elephants then stay in a certain area, elephants break down branches on trees and sometimes destroy the whole tree to get food. This then continuously happens, then all the trees are gone.

Another big problem animals is they release greenhouse gases. Cattle is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases from animals. This causes the Earth to warm, aka Global Warming.

Humans- Humans contribute impact the environment heavily. Humans have contributed to one major issue, our water. We have been polluting our water for a while now, and people don't understand there is a limited amount. Agriculture is the main supporter to the pollution in these freshwater sources. Sediments, pathogens and habitat alterations from agricultural activity and hydrologic modification harm the water source and the environment around the water source.

Another way humans cause pollution is air pollution. From 1990 to 2008, Ozone decreased 14%, Lead decreased 78%, Nitrogen dioxide decreased 35%, Carbon monoxide decreased 68%, Sulfur dioxide decreased 59%. We can stop the statistics from rising by using environmentally friendly technology. However, some humans have started to take action to help save their environment. People have started using electric cars, city planning and many more ideas to lower the use of fossil fuels. Also, people have started upgrading existing factories with “greener” technology. This will lead to a better environment for not only us, but the other living things around us.

I believe the humans have the biggest impact on the environment. I believe this because we are always using cars, factories etc. I think we are always doing something that harms the environment, when you might not know you are. I think animals and plants can’t contribute to as much pollution as we do because we are constantly inventing new things that might harm the environment.

Notable Individuals Who Help The Environment

James Cameron- James Cameron who is a famous director cares for the environment. James is looked at as a determined person. He suggests that going vegan can help halt climate change, which is true. He is benefiting for the environment by converting people to vegan, which will slow climate change.

Ted Danson- Ted Danson is a famous actor who plays the role of Russell, in the show CSI. Ted doesn't just contribute to the acting world, he also contributes to the environment. Ted co-authored a book called “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them”. Ted is also on the board of directors for Oceana. The Oceana focuses on water quality all around the world. Like most other advocates in this subject, I can tell he is determined.

Steps I Have Taken To Help The Environment

To help my environment I try to do as much as I can. I recycle all materials that are recyclable. I also bike and walk more often instead of driving. I always try to throw my trash away in the correct area. I don't want to throw my trash outside in the open, while it might harm animals. Keeping the environment safe is important to me, so I will try to add things to my list throughout my life.
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Activities I Do Daily

Tennis- You wouldn't think tennis would be that bad for the environment, but when you travel 3-10 hours in the car to a tournament, that produces a lot of car pollution. I travel for tournaments often, so if I go to one every three weeks, that creates an extra 10 hours of air pollution.

This gaming system not only has pollution, but the games you buy are made of fossil fuels. Say if your gaming disc case weighs about half a pound, that means .2 gallons of crude oil were made to use it. That may not seem like a lot, but there is currently more video games than people on this Earth. If all the Call of Duty games were downloaded instead of manufactured, that would be equivalent to taking over 20,000 cars off the road for a year. That would mean a drop of air pollution, which translates to a better environment for everyone.

TV’s- You probably know this, but TV’s require lots of electricity to run. Try to stay away from TV’s because there is many other things you can do that don't take nearly as much energy. Instead of watching 3 hours of TV a day cut that number down and play a board game with friends or even go outside. Do you wonder where the TV’s go after they're are thrown out? Most go to landfills and most TV’s have 4-8 pounds of lead in them. This lead could pour out in the landfill and harm pour water and soil.

You may think how in the heck does a cell phone hurt the environment, but it does just that. In one year, it is estimated that the cell phone is equivalent to emitting 32 gallons of gas and 112 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This contributes to even more air pollution. Think about how many people have cell phones. Thats right, a lot. You can help by cutting your time on your phone and do something that doesn't impact the environment negatively.

Car’s are one of our big polluters. Car’s are a combustion of fossil fuels. When the car goes, it releases gases like carbon dioxide that harm the air quality. The release of these gases also contribute to global warming. The worst impact of all of this pollution is that it will harm the ozone layer, which protects us from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Computers can have a big impact on the environment if they are not taken to the right place when you throw them away. Eight of the chemicals used in a computer are considered hazardous. If these chemicals get into the soil, it will ruin the soil and that soil will be no use. We can stop this from happening by recycling correctly or even donating them to charities would be a better route then dumping them in the trash.

Some Ethics I Came Up With

Some ethics may change someone’s decision because those ethics might be convincing. If someone didn't care about the environment, then they read over some ethics, it might change their opinion. Some ethics are: Be respectful of your environment (This ethic means to keep your environment clean and harm it with trash, fossil fuels etc.), Bike to save lives (This ethic means try to bike more instead of driving because it can harm animals and harm your own air quality), Be caring for your environment (This ethic indicates to do the right things and not harm your environment, it can lead to harming other living things). People might choose a different stance in dealing with the environment because they don't care. Also, some people might not believe what is truly happening to our environment.
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Friday-Monday Daily Activities

FRIDAY- (7:30-8-10) Woke up to get ready for school and ate breakfast. (8:10-8:20) I load up to get in the car and drive to school, this affects the environment because the car emits pollution which harms the air quality and habitats. (8:30-850) I used an iPad to work on IXl at school, the harm of the iPad and Computer are similar. (9:20-11:35) I did schoolwork for L.A. and S.S. (11:35-12:15) I used an iPad for Kahoot, this affects the environment because the iPad is equivalent to a 1,000 km flight for an iPad lifecycle. (12:15-1:00) Recess and lunch to end the day. (1:00-1:10) I drove home from school, this affects the environment by polluting the air quality. (1:30-2:00) I drove to Walker's World, this also affects the air quality. (2:00-6:00) I worked on a cooking project for Genius Hour. (6:00-6:35) We drove home from Walker's World, this affects the air quality also. (6:45-7:30 IO ate dinner with my family. (8:30-9:300 I watched TV with my family, this affects the environment because it can take up lots of energy and can harm the environment once the TV stops working. (9:45-8:30) SLEEP.

SATURDAY- (8:30-9:00) I played a good game of Agario on my Phone, this harms the environment by contributing to pollution with CO2e. (9:15-9:45) I then ate breakfast. (9:45-10:45) I played some flickers which is a game when flick discs in targets. (10:45-11:00) I drive to go play tennis with my brother, which contributes to air pollution.(11:15-1:15) After getting geared up we hit for about 2 hours. (1:20-1:35) We drove back home, this affects the environment by increasing the globes temperature and harming the air. (1:35-2:10) i ate lunch with my family. (2:15-3:10) I practiced basketball in my backyard. (3:15-3:30) I drove to my basketball game, this affects the environment because it causes even more air pollution. (4:00-5:00) I had my basketball game and we won. (5:15-5:30) We drove back home, this again affects the environment with air pollution. (6:00-6:30) I ate dinner with my family. (6:45-8:30) I watched a movie with my mom, this contributes to possible soil determination when the TV is broken and it uses lots of energy. (8:30-9:30) I played on my iPad and played some BTDB, this can harm the iPad because once it's broken it can lead to pollution if not disposed properly.(9:40-8:10) SLEEP.

SUNDAY- (8:10-8:45) I ate breakfast with my mom. (8:50-9:30) I played another good game of agario on the iPad, this affects the environment because the iPad can lead to more pollution after being disposed.(10:00-10:10) I drove to go play tennis with my brother, this affects the environment because it leads to global warming and more pollution in the air. (10:15-12:15) We hit tennis right before game day. (12:20-12:30) We drove home, this affects the environment because it alters habitats and messes with our air and water quality. (12:40-1:00) I ate lunch and got ready for all the games. (1:00-7:00) I watched football on the TV, this amounts to a large amount of energy use and possibly threatening to the soil and water. (7:15-8:00) I ate dinner with my family. (8:15-9:45) I watched part of the late night game, this affects the environment because it takes away energy and leads to soil and water pollution when disposed improperly. (10:00-8:00) SLEEP.

MONDAY- (8:00-9:00) A big breakfast for a big day. (9:00-11:00) I play some Xbox, this affects the environment with air pollution because of fossil fuels. (11:00-1:30) I played some basketball in my backyard. (1:45-1:55) I drive the tennis courts to hit with my brother, this affects the environment because the car basically emits pollution which harms air quality. (2:00-4:30) I played tennis with my brother. (4:45-4:55) I drove back from, this affects the environment because it harms the ozone layer which protects us from the sun. (5:00-6:30) I play some board games with my mom and brother.(6:35-7:20) I ate dinner with my family. (7:30-9:45) I watched the game my mom and dad, this affects the environment because there is dangerous chemicals in the TV that can leak out and harm the environment. (9:50-8:40) SLEEP.

Tuesday-Thursday Daily Activities

TUESDAY- (8:40-9:20) I ate breakfast with my mom. (9:30-10:30) I played mini basketball inside. (10:45-10:55) I drove to go play basketball, this harms the environment because it supports global warming and pollution. (11:00-1:30) I played basketball with my friends. (1:30-1:50) I walked home. (2:00-2:30) I ate lunch. (2:45-3:50) I played some games on my phone, this affects the environment because a year of having the cell phone while using it equals 32 gallons of gas emitted in the air. (4:00-6:00) I read some of my book. (6:25-7:00) I at dinner with my family. (7:15-9:30) I watched a movie with my mom and dad, this affects the environment because the TV using mass amounts of energy and can damage soil and water quality once disposed. (9:35-8:00) SLEEP.

WEDNESDAY- (8:00-8:40) I at breakfast with my mom. (9:00-11:00) I went on the to work on my project for Science class, this affects the environment because there is hazardous chemicals in the computers and when they arrive at landfills they could leak out and harm the environment. (11:15-12:30) I played basketball outside. (12:45-1:10) I ate lunch with my brother. (1:15-1:250 I drove to go play tennis with my brother, this affects the environment because gasoline emits into the environment harming the air and animals lives. (1:30-3:30) I hit tennis with my brother. (3:40-3:55) We ran home to get in some extra cardio. (4:00-6:15) I played ping pong with some friends. (6:20-7:00) I ate dinner with my family. (7:10-9:25) I watched a movie with my mom and dad, this affects the environment because there is dangerous chemicals in TV’s that can harm soil and water quality. (9:30-8:15) SLEEP.

THURSDAY- (8:15-8:45) I ate breakfast with my family. (9:00-11:00) I played some mini basketball. (11:15-12:30) I played Monopoly with my mom. (12:40-1:30) I ate lunch with my family. (1:45-3:45) I played some basketball outside and had a dunk contest. (4:15-4:30) I drove to church, this affects the environment because fossil fuels are emitted into the air affecting the quality. (4:45-6:15) we attended the last church sermon for our pastor and for Christmas Eve! (6:20-6:35) We drove back home, this affects the environment because the gas is released from the car and it harms animals, water and air. (6:45-9:45) We went to a friends house for a party and we ate dinner there. (10:00-10:20) We walked back home then went to sleep. (10:30-6:55) SLEEP.
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Did I Follow My Ethics?

I think I held to my Code of Ethics fairly good. If I could have changed some things it would be biking/walking to the tennis courts because they aren't too far away. I believed I was respectful to my environment because I didn't litter and I picked up some trash near my area. One ethic I did poorly on was biking. I didn't bike that week but I did walk which also helps out just as much. Overall, I was happy with the way I treated the environment and I hope you can learn from this!
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