Be true friends

Rainy Call 6/7

Analysis of the Development of theme

That true friends should always stick together. In the book,it shows true friendship. When they went to see the fireworks. And he picks Kevin up, and puts him on his shoulders. Another act of true friendship. Is when he puts Freak in hes little red wagon and pulls him to his house. When the characters interact, they became friends.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with this theme. Because "True friends should always stick together". This generation, we have gossip, fights, rumors, teasing, and making fun of others! People need A best friend! Some people just want someone to talk to?

summary of the Text

Two good friends. They go off on the most wildest adventures. One is smarter,then the other one. The smart one is Kevin, and the other one is Max. Kevin moves in in the summer. Then school starts. Kevin goes to the school. And try's to get him in all his classes. Then, something very bad happens. And Max was sad & mad that Kevin.....