Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

What is an entreprenuer?

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business,taking on financial risks in the hope of profit, but their are lots of hard decisions to make and not all entrepreneurs succeed in making a their own business,to become an entrepreneur you will need a few skills to help you along the way.

To become a good entrepreneur you will need to be...

Optimistic; Look at the positive things rather then the negative

Risk taker; Don't be scared of failure and take risks

Determined; Try your hardest to succeed and do not give up despite what others will say

Organised; Know what you need to do next to succeed

Patient; Know that it will take time and be able to deal with a slow process at first

Vision; Can see what needs to be improved and has an idea of your future

unselfish; Don't do it for the money because you wont make much profit at the start

Leadership; be able to motivate yourself and others

Communication; Be able to sell and talk with investors

Set goals; Create a plan to achieve them