Water Street Mission

Service Learning Project

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Friday, Nov. 18th, 10:30am-1:30pm

210 South Prince Street Lancaster, PA 17603


Experiencing homelessness is traumatic. That’s why WSM work to provide a safe and healing environment In that process, they offer personalized programs and coaching for men and women who are ready to commit to transformation. They work with these individuals to assist them with their goals—helping them move past their season of homelessness.

Water Street Health Services offers the working poor and people who are homeless in Lancaster County free medical and dental services. There are a few qualifications to be served, like living at 100% or 200% of the poverty level. That ensures that people who need medical and dental help the most get it—and it’s quality care.

Teen Haven helps launch teens from the inner city into a life of leadership and purpose. By providing a healthy community to thrive in, and mentoring them to become leaders in their city, churches and schools, Teen Haven is building a better foundation for a brighter future.

Through Wonder Club Early Learning Center and Children’s Ministries we are able to support the academic and spiritual development of children who land in high-risk situations. Every child deserves a chance to learn and grow, and our programs provide the best chance for both.

Volunteering in Lancaster County, PA


10:30-10:45am--arrival/ sign in/name tags

11:00-12:00- tour- Water Street's mission and purpose within the community

12:00-12:30--Lunch on site

12:30-1:30--hands on / volunteer activities/ making/decorating placemats for meals served by WSM.

1:30- Departure

Cost: FREE

Donations are always Welcome!!


Purpose: Socialization and educational

Learning Outcome: Students will learn about the various services the WSM provides to the local community and how vital volunteerism is to the organization. Students will learn how they can volunteer and the importance of volunteering.

OLS Hours: 60 minutes of history/ 60 minutes of art/ language arts

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