Research Technology

Open for business

What is a Research Technologist?

For teachers I am able to…

  1. Help gather online resources for a research project. This might include websites, online databases, Destiny catalog search, and King County library resources.
  2. Help integrate online resources using one-to-one into a unit. This might include help using/finding apps, instructional videos, games, sites, etc.

For students (and teachers) I am able to…

  1. Teach methods of finding online resources.
  2. Support student research and digital citizenship (including citing sources, online safety, and validating resources).

How Will This Look?

This may involve me coming to co-teach in your classroom or meeting during conference hours to plan something you want to implement. I will be sending a separate email to students later today, introducing myself and letting them know I will be available during both lunches in the library (near the Help Desk) if students need more specific help finding research. Please encourage them to come see me if they need support.

Please feel free to stop me in the hallway, send me an email, or set up an appointment through the Outlook calendar at anytime. I'm here to support you!

Thanks to everyone I have met so far for making Sammamish feel like home.


Currently, I'm working on a website that will store much of the curricular content for students to reference when I'm not in the classroom, found at:

And in case you have no idea who this Aron guy is...