Don Proctor - Pastors: We Are In This Together

Pastors: We Are In This Together

I do not have a mega church, but I am a part of a mega church. I am a part of many churches forming together to build up what is the true mega church – the church in the city. This simple truth is at the very center of who I am. Why? You see, I did not grow up in church. The only church exposure I had was going twice a year when I visited my grandparents. Because of this, when I was saved, I did not know anything about church culture in regard to denominations and other church cultural differences.

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Who is Don Proctor?

Donʼs personal mission is to “love people into their destiny.” After working for a few years in the automotive industry and then the construction industry, he pursued a career as an electrician. He was a journeyman electrician until 2004, when he left that industry to work full time as the Senior Pastor of Impact Church...

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