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September Newsletter

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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

National Suicide Prevention Week is September 5th – 11th , 2021. During the month, the counseling department will make announcements highlighting the problem of youth suicide and educate people on prevention strategies. Tragically, suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24. It is also one of the leading causes of PREVENTABLE death. FOUR out of FIVE teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs. That means in 80% of these cases, we have an opportunity to intervene and possibly save a young person who is at-risk. Learn the warning signs and know how to get help.

Warning signs include:

Direct Verbal Cues: A teen stating out loud or in writing an intention to harm him/herself.

Behavioral Cues: Giving away prized possessions; sudden interest or disinterest in religion; substance abuse; unexplained anger, aggression or irritability; disrupted sleep; drop in grades, effort, participation; isolation from peers and family

Situational Cues: Loss of a cherished relationship; Sudden unexpected loss of freedom/fear of punishment; Fear of becoming a burden to others; Victim of abuse or bullying; Social rejection or isolation.

How to Help:

· Emergency: Call 911

· TalkLine: 281-240-TALK or 281-240-8255.

· National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Please contact the school counselor for additional information.

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We are now past the FBISD deadline for course request changes (August 23rd). At this time, no more schedule change requests will be accepted. We are only processing schedule changes if:

  • Student is in a class that you have already received credit for
  • Student is missing a class period
  • Student has double class periods
  • Student is requesting a level down from AAC/AP (level down forms will be available September 7th at 8 am)
  • Student’s schedule was changed due to balancing a class due to class sizes

If your child needs a schedule change due to one of these reasons, please have your child to email the school counselor or schedule an appointment to see their counselor.

If your child needs a schedule change due to one of these reasons, please have your child to

Here are the counselors:


Ms. Tiffany Chaney, Lead counselor


Mrs. Trenise Duckens


Mrs. Lasheka Allen


Mrs. Francesca Williams

All P tech students

Mrs. Danielle Anderson

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Pass needed

The counseling office is seeing a lot of students without passes that are entering the counseling office. Many students are missing class time or left class without permission. Please make sure that you have a pass from your teacher when entering the counseling office.

** Remember, there is a counselor available standing outside the counseling office during every lunch to answer any questions you may have.

If a student is in distress or having a crisis, a pass will not be needed to enter the counseling office.

Level Down forms

If your child who would like to drop a an AAC or AP course, they can pick up a level down form in the counseling office starting September 9. The last day to level down from a AAC/AP course is is October 20, 2021. Please remember that if your child is approved for a level down their current grade will transfer with them to their new class.

All level down forms must be submitted and will be denied or approved by our Dean of Instruction, Mrs. Parsad.

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Hello PTECH Parents and Students:

Next Wednesday, Sept. 8th we will have our MANDATORY Fall PTECH Parent Meeting via Zoom!

We ask for you to hold all questions to the end of the presentation or type your question utilizing the Zoom chat feature. We will address all questions at the end of the presentation.

Your student will receive an academic incentive, per their teacher's discretion, for parents' attendance.


Who: ALL PTECH Parents and Students

What: PTECH Fall Parent Meeting

Where: Zoom Link (CLICK BELOW)

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM


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Gifted and Talented Information

Is your child exceptionally bright, and do they seem far more advanced when you compare them to their peers? Consider referring your child for testing to see if they will qualify for the FBISD Gifted and Talented Program.

FBISD is accepting GT referrals online from August 11th -September 30th.

Please click the link below to refer your child. https://gt.fortbendisd.com/

All referrals must be submitted online by 9/30/2021.

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Senior Conferences

The counselors and CCR will be conducting conferences with all SENIORS during their English IV classes starting September 9th.

We will review transcripts, needed courses, how to apply for college, and complete Naviance tasks. For further questions, please contact your child's counselor.

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What is the Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement® Program (AP) offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college credit, advanced placement, or both at many colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. By earning college credit in high school and skipping introductory courses in college, your child can save time and money as they work toward a college degree.

AP courses offer rigorous college-level curriculum. The National exam given at the end of the school year (May) is an integral measurement of your child’s acquired knowledge in the particular subject area. Passing the AP exam with a score of 3 or higher on a 5-point scale earns college credit that your child may transfer to a university accepting AP credit. If students and parents are curious to find out which colleges and universities offer credit or placement for AP Scores, please use this tool created by College Board, please go to the following link https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/getting-credit-placement/search-policies

The cost of the exam is $ 96.00; however, WHS is offering this exam for free. We are asking you that you help us to make sure that your child understands the benefits of taking the AP exam in May. It is highly encouraged that students sit for the exam on their designated exam date.

Here are some of the AP courses that we offer:


AP Art 2D

AP Drawing

AP Biology

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Calculus AB

AP Chemistry

AP English 3

AP English 4

AP Economics

AP Statistics

AP Spanish 4

AP Spanish 5

AP United States Government

AP US History

AP World History

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Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15-10/15

Happy Heritage Month! It is important that our students know who they are and where they come from. It is also important for our students to learn about diversity and inclusion as we are all part of the Eagles family.
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CCMR Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, we ask that everyone in the Eagles' nest wear their favorite gear representing a college/university, a career, or military branch
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Need to see your counselor?

  • Having a Bad Day?
  • Want to plan out your future?
  • Have a question about your credits?
  • Have a question about P-Tech?
  • Have a question about night school?
  • Have a question about Advanced Placement testing?

Below is the link and QR code to request to schedule an appointment with your counselor:

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Want the latest news from your Counselors?

Did you know that your counselors have a webpage that has a lot of information regarding schedule changes, Office Aide/Off Campus Application, level down forms, request to see your counselor, schedule change forms, and upcoming important dates. Please click on this link to view our webpage: https://www.fortbendisd.com/domain/2655

Please check your Class Schoology pages for updates as well.


Fort Bend ISD, in partnership with The George Foundation and Avail Solutions, has a talkline that can provide crisis assistance.

What is the TalkLine?

The TalkLine is an anonymous hotline for students to share confidential information and receive free advice and encouragement on dealing with issues in their lives. The Talkline is staffed by trained professionals who are available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Talkline number is 281-240-TALK or 281-240-8255.

Students can call or text TalkLine for a variety of reasons including:

· mental health concerns such as depression or suicidal thoughts

· issues such as bullying, harassment, arguments, or family problems

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Important Dates

September 5th - School Holiday: NO SCHOOL

Helpful Links + Resources for Students & Parents

Need to see your counselor

Need to speak with a Counselor? Please complete this form and make an appointment. If this is an emergency, please see an adult. - Emotional support - Academic Growth - Transcript Audit - Advanced Placement Testing - P-Tech

How to Request a Transcript

All transcript request must be made via Naviance