scout tkm


scout: jean luwes is scout name, scout is young in the 1st and 2nd grade. she is a tom boy and like wearing pants not dresses. she like reading and has a big imagination. she is vary small and follows her older brother jem so he can tell he what to do in a new situation. she can be vary socially okwerd and still does not know all of what is right and wrong. scout is short with a big curiosity. people don't like it when she wheres pants but she does that to fit in with her brother and dill.

scouts her father atticus and her brother jem live n a town calf macum. the town was hit hard by the deprion and it coded the town to becoum dull and slowed down if it were a color it would be grey lots of people are pore but still keep them self going and tiring to be happy so they find things like playing , grading or finging ways to bring the town to gather. this is the couse of a lot of rumors and lies in the town, but the people still like the lies becus the talk is something to talk their modes of the depression. but other than that scout is free she can do what she wants with out a care in the world other than to fit in with her friends.

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scout describes the town as slow and dull but she is bright and happy. every one is would about money and jobs. this makes every one vary deperst . scout is still young and does not have to worry about this problem.

turning point

this is when her dad stared to defend tom robertson and the town stared to make fun and hate her family she would get bullied at school by people saying that her dad is a blank this was important because know scout has a problem unlike before where he dint have to care but now she has to which what she does and says. her dad told her not to fight the people that were angry at him.

tone two after the turing point

scout feels like every one is agents her family. she whats to fight back but her father does not what her to cos more trouble buy fighting. the world is bring a lot of new thing into scouts life and this makes her care free no trouble life a lot harder to do. her dad is trying to protect her but he can't quit this case because if he did he would go agents his beliefs. so scout just has to sit there and take the peoples abuse.
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alex mercer

he is from prototype. alex is like scout because he was a normal care free guy who like his work, but one day he woke up with no memory and he had been targeted by the government and now he has to fight agent the world just like scout.
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he was a normal kid well with the power to fix any thing but other than that he was normale had good friends did good in school but one day he was picked to be in a fight for something he did not want. so he had to fight the other people in the fight. just like scout has to prompted her self from the town people that yell at her.