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April 24, 2015

Classroom Managemet

I wish I could say that this week was as great as last week. We were extremely chatty this week and lunch recess was an issue once again. Please have a discussion with your child this weekend about waiting their turn to speak when others are talking. Also, many students need to work on choosing the right friend to hang out with. If they are not getting along with a particular child for some reason on a certain day, I encourage them to take a break from each other and find something else to do for the time being. It seems that some kids just can't let issues go and have difficulty moving onto an activity that would be more beneficial to them instead.

Language Arts

All conferences and rough drafts of our realistic fiction books are done! Yay! Everyone has been working on their little, white, hard-covered books to publish this piece. Some students have chosen to type it using Google Drive and then printing it out to glue into the pages and some are writing it out by hand. Please have your child work on this book at home this weekend. I would like to have everyone's done and ready to display in the media center on Tuesday or Wednesday this upcoming week! We have started our informational writing unit and kids have been excited to brainstorm topics they feel they are experts on. They will build a website for their published piece for this unit. They are so enthusiastic and motivated! I can't wait to see how they turn out!

We finished unit 22 in Rebecca Sitton's spelling program this week. We reviewed how to drop and e and add the suffix to many words. We also did the cursive C. I hope to cover the Common Core Language Arts strand of identifying complex and simple sentences next week.

We have started our non-fiction reading workshop unit this week as well. We have explored the non-fiction genre and have discovered how to figure out what genre a book is by using a graphic organizer. We played a genre race game as table teams, too. We will get into reading groups next week and learn about many different types of non-fiction text features.


I was pleased with the unit seven math test results. Your child's math test should be in their Friday folders today. We started unit 8 on fractions. We have reviewed what was learned in 2nd grade and will look at fractions at a deeper level as this unit progresses. Please look at the parent resources to help with this unit at You can also reinforce what is learned in the classroom by making sure your student is finishing his/her homelink and master fraction third grade skills.


We did science all week this week. We finished up our wind farm debates using the very engaging app called GoAnimate for Schools. I am still grading these student created videos and figuring out how to embed them and share them on a page on my website. You can se a sample of the kids hard work here: Look for more to be uploaded soon!

We also participated in many Monkey Kingdom lessons that corresponded with the awesome non-fiction narrative movie we saw at MJR Theatres. Thank you again to our magnificent PTO for funding this rewarding trip to see this film. We talked about the ecosystem a toque macaque monkey lives in and discovered how these unique animals use facial expressions to communicate with each other. This unit has been such a wonderful, positive experience.

We started our "Living Things" unit in science this week as well. We closely read a leveled text called an ifile and participated in a team investigation where the students had to figure out after reading and participating in group discussions what arthropods all have in common. We are noticing that animals can be sorted into different categories. We started to also read a non-fiction book on invertebrates.

Toque Macaque Facial Expression - the defensive look

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