Meet John Barban of Venus Factor

The New Weight Loss Ally

Many people have said the Venus Factor has changed their perspective in fitness and weigh loss. For the first time, women can finally hear good news. The program is a good way to start thinking of weight loss in a different light. And because of this fact, one question rises to the fold: Why was this program created by a man?

The Venus Factor is a 12-week fat loss system that’s focused on hormone therapy. It was designed to help women shed excess weight in a short time by using Leptin – a fat hormone in the body. This was the product of one man’s desire to help his sister overcome obstacles and issues. On this note, you can’t ever deny a man’s sincere intention.

Who Is John Barban?

The Venus Factor Weight Loss system for women was created by John Barban. He is a respected expert on physiology and nutrition. For years, he’s been dedicating his expertise in fitness physiology. He spearheaded a research that enabled the project that gave women the power to overcome weight-related issues.

If you’ve ever been taking supplements from major fitness brands, chances are you’ve seen his work already. His experience in developing sports supplements has led him to discover that men and women both have different fitness needs. The amount of work that takes to make their bodies respond to supplements is equally distinctive.

Today, he enjoys watching his success by being a nutritional coach and helping individuals work at themselves proving that his formula is effective and the best research out there. What makes him qualified to back his system is his real-world experience as a fitness coach. He was always motivated to help out because his own family was in dire need of this help.

His Background and Practice

With a degree in human biology and a master’s education of the same, it’s no wonder where his course in life was headed to. His path has always led him to nutrition and the science of fitness. While teaching exercise physiology in University of Florida, John’s accomplishments flourished. His list of accolades is impressive, to say the least.

Beyond acquiring the education and certifications, however, he has perfected his craft by serving 8 years working for a large nutrition and weight loss company. His major contribution to this world was to create and improve sports supplements. His research turned to slimming down and believed that sustenance should be center of every product out there.

Personal Experience

In terms of permanent weight-loss systems, John Barban’s the Venus Factor is the best. That’s because it came from a well-explored data from a certified expert in the fitness field. He actually considers this journey as a personal one because he looked at how unwanted fat was affecting his sister most of all.

On his own, John has established that his formula worked. He actually dubbed this material as the Adonis Index workout – a program that seeks to create the most perfect body for men. In doing this, he realized he cut out a significant portion of the market which can also be benefitted – the women.

His sister Lisa was struggling with depression after gaining so much fat from child birth. He couldn’t stand as a witness anymore so he sought out to improve his material specifically to work for women. His research resulted in very significant findings.

The Discovery and the Master Plan

There’s a reason why women have to struggle with weight-related issues all too well. It’s not psychological or the lack of commitment. Women’s bodies naturally block any fat burning mechanism it’s subjected to. John found out that it was a specific hormone in the body called Leptin which is causing that resistance. Women’s bodies have lots of it and that’s where the problem lies.

Leptin is an important hormone in the body. This is quite helpful for women because it induces burning of fat. The author also discovered that its levels would fluctuate every time you go on a diet. However, the main problem isn’t the loss of leptin. It’s how to manage it once you implement any dieting program.

As it is, dieting can sometimes lead to weight-loss plateau – a phenomenon created by the plummeting levels of leptin in the body. To solve this issue, John discovered that all women have to do is to deal with leptin resistance once and for all.

The Venus Factor is aimed at switching on fat burning mechanisms permanently so that weight “rebound” would be prevented. If you’ve experienced trying to lose excess pounds through supplements, diets and exercises which have not worked, then you’ll understand why this is an important phase to overcome.

How the Venus Factor works

The key here is to put your natural metabolic processes on high gear and have it endure for long periods. Every woman has the potential to burn fat naturally; all that’s needed is to guide her body into thinking her leptin levels are intact. Hence, fat loss has nothing to do with exercising or eating specific types of food to get there.

The formula works because it was designed to be progressive. It’s a completely different system and something you’ve not experienced in the past. Should you be tired of getting into shape by promises that only resulted in false hopes, this program might work for you. Just ask the community of other women who enjoys the benefits of a single digit dress size and a body shape only a dedication can get.

Results can be seen in as early as the first week. Yes, the effects are rapid. This is actually the reason why many have been convinced to try this system out. John’s sister has lost 52 pounds in 5 months. Other women have lost an average of 10 pounds in a month. If that doesn’t make you appreciate the system, then perhaps a dream will.

Ponder on this for a minute: Others are already shedding pounds as you stay there wishing you had the body you wanted to get. If they did it, so can you if you only believe.