By Savannah Moore


Christians mainly believe in the death a resurrection of Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the Misiah. Christians also believe that:

-There is only one god.

-Jesus is the son of god.

-God knows all things.

-God is the creator of everything that exists.

-Jesus is the only way to god.

-All people have sinned.

-Jesus died for the sins of each and every person in the world.

-Heaven and Hell.

-Jesus resurrected from the dead.

Current events

Christians are on the verge if extinction in Iraq is the current event that I'm using.

Isis is having Christians run for their lives out of Iraq, mostly in Baghdad.Christianity has been attacked for a long time in Iraq but it's happening more from what happened over the summer. Over the past 10 years the amount of Christians in Iraq have gone from a couple million to the thousands.

Big image
This is a picture of the last supper which was before Jesus' last meal before he was crucified. It was made by Leonardo Da Vinci.