Bullies aren't born, they're formed

Different types of bullying

  • Cyber bullying.

  • Social bullying.

  • Physical bullying.

  • Verbal bullying.

  • Covert or Hidden bullying.

  • Sexual bullying.

  • Prejudice.

  • Relational aggression (emotional).


Effects of bullying


- losing interest in the activities you normally love

- losing sleep ( changing sleep patterns )

- not eating ( amount of intake )

- losing focus on school work and grades gradually falling


- losing friends

- scared of checking social networking sites

- insecure around a bunch of people

- scared to express your self

- losing contact with your friends


- looking bad at yourself

- insecure / unsure

- increased feeling of loneliness and sadness

- overthinking silly/small things

Strategies for coping with being bullied

  • You can ignore it

  • Move away or remove yourself from their presents

  • Tell a trusted teacher or adult.

  • Remind yourself bullying is never ok.

  • Talk to other friends that have experienced bullying.

  • Report the bullying.

  • Delete your social profile


Health resources aimed at helping bullied kids

- kids help lines and other call centres

- parents

- close friends

- family members

- clubs that support bullied children

Why people might get bullied

  • different race or religion

  • weight

  • sexualty

  • disability

  • family background

  • physical appearance

  • social issues

Why bullies bully

  • Family loss

  • Getting bullied themselves

  • Hard time at home

  • Jealousy

  • Social standing

http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/why-do-people-bully.html (school/appearance/popularity)

Bullying effects everyone!

Bullying is one of the biggest issues effecting our kids and teenagers. Bullies can tear lives apart and effect you and family. It can also effect the way you think of yourself and others. No one but you can stop bullies bullying others. So make a stand!

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