Fall Recital

November 17th

What you need to know:

1. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your recital time.

2. If you have an instrument, find the FSM/HSM staff and they will help you place your instrument back stage.

3. Plan to go back stage 2 performances prior to your own.

4. Video and photo will be taken during your performance. Please let staff know if you would prefer not to have video and pictures taken.

5. Have fun! You've worked so hard, it's time to share your talent and have a great time!

FSM/HSM Recital

Sunday, Nov. 17th, 1-5:30pm

750 White Pond Drive

Akron, OH

Recital Line-up


Rhea Lal (Voice)

Josh Leslie (Drums)

Joey Carlson (Drums)

Ben Janesch (Drums)

Robert Newman (Drums)

Christian Tong (Cello)

James Tong (Violin)

Ayden Stuckey (Violin)

Nnemdi Amanambu (Violin)

Alex Cheng (Piano)

Chima Amanambu (Drums)

Eleina Salgia (Drums)

Matthew Craig (Voice)

Mitchell Creekmore (Guitar)

Alex Creekmore (Guitar)


Rock N' Royalty (Band)

Adam Beres (Guitar)

Ben Preston (Gutiar)

Ava Preston (Voice)

Emma Markowitz (Voice)

Mary Allerton (Voice)

Maddy LeRouge (Voice)

Abi Meyer (Voice)

Lydia Lumpkin (Voice)

Jenna Trammel (Voice)

Rosa Peshek (Voice)

Sam Supan (Voice)

Giana Mutersbaugh (Voice)

Elena Flauto (Voice)

Carli Tanner (Voice)

Kacey Gill (Voice)


Mackenzie Hampton (Guitar)

Jaden Hescht (Guitar)

Jaime Kent (Voice)

Eric Goldstein (Guitar)

Shayla Goldstein (Piano)

Hollie Glasburg (Piano)

Emma Zheng (Piano)

Max Bromberg (Piano)

Zach Bromberg (Piano)

Bowen Zheng (Piano)

Ella Bozan (Piano)

Gavin Bozan (Guitar)

Justin Evangelist (Guitar)

Gabby Correia (Guitar)

Colleen Cain (Guitar)

Abi Tullet (Violin)