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For enhanced comfort, protection and car interiors are for 3M ™. 3M invented film for glass in Colorado and our innovative products provide protection from the sun's harmful rays for over 45 years.Regardless of whether you choose a clear, 3m Window Tint Film medium, or dark version, films for glass 3M ™ will give your car a beautiful appearance. Toning machines athermal film with a violet hue, with a green tint, or just a transparent film will be a good solution.Honored as a specialist with a wide range dimming levels that can satisfy any films for glasses 3M ™ keeps cool in-car comfort for you and your passengers - in any weather, in any situation. You and your children are protected from heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Also obvious energy savings and money by reducing the need for air conditioning. Color, white, tinted car windows is not able to provide the comfort and security that give the film from 3M.

Driving a car - it is always strong emotions and impressions. Complete privacy greatly enhances this feeling. There is also a from prying eyes, but also provides greater security for passengers and valuable things in the car.Automotive films for glasses 3M ™ provide safety of passengers and in case of accident. Our films hold the glass in place and prevent injuries from flying debrisOur studio offers services to its customers tinting car windows in St. Petersburg. We will make any auto tinting - any model and body! All operations are carried out by highly qualified specialists with the use of tinting films manufactured by 3M ™, has all the necessary certificates. Tinted car with the help of high-quality films give excellent visual quality and effect. Your car will become a more attractive appearance, simultaneously ensuring the privacy and intimacy of finding passengers. Also reduces the cost of cooling interior

Toning is for safety. Firstly, it does not give the glass scattered in the event of an accident, accordingly you will not get damaged by sharp pieces. Second, your personal belongings and passengers will be hidden from the prying eyes St. Petersburg and other Colorado regions due to the fact that the installation takes dismantled. This is a simple and cheap way of medium, or dark version, films for glass 3M ™ will give your car a nice view.Honored as a specialist in avtouhoda, 3M offers a series of four automotive films with a wide range dimming levels that can satisfy any requirements. There are many reasons to use the film for glass - increased comfort, privacy, improved design light, saving energy and money on air And though your car looks "hot" on the outside, you will enjoy the pleasant coolness inside the cabin.

Tinted car windows - is not only a modern design and an element of prestige. Tinted glass prevents the penetration of prying eyes in the interior absorb sunlight and heat. Due to this reduced energy consumption for air conditioning of the cabin, the brightness of the when the glass breaks, tinting film prevents fragments scatter around the cabin and injure passengers.Specialty toning is the perfect place to learn all the technical details, the time to track the emergence of new materials and techniques to develop their own algorithms.production processes with minimal time spent.Tint film passes almost all the light passes of in Odessa long-awaited sun ceases to please almost vehicle starts to heat up significantly from the scorching rays of the sun. If the parking lot can be covered with reflective