Mrs. Sumner's Classroom News

May 9, 2016

A Special Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made "Ma's Spa" go off without a hiccup! It is such a fun day for the kids and such a relaxing time for you! This is hopefully a memory that they will carry with them for years to come! Thanks again!

Upcoming Dates

May 11th - Early Release Day (Students will be getting out at 1:28 and there will be no clubs)

May 13th - Wear your Spirit Wear/Popcorn Friday/PM Guest Teacher (meeting)

May 20th - No School

May 23th - Intersession

May 30th - No school - Memorial Day

May 31st - Return to School

June 7th - Guest Teacher/DRA2 Testing (Final)

June 10th - Kindergarten Celebration of Learning (more information will be going home next week)

June 16th - 1/2 day of School

Literacy Corner

Tip#11: Repeated Readings

A great way to boost your child’s confidence and help them become a more fluent reader is to encourage them to read a story multiple times. I know it may get difficult to listen to your child read a story over and over again but it really does help them to become a better reader! As an adult I can read something I like numerous times and still enjoy it the tenth time just as much as I did the first time. Encourage your child to read their favorite story to another family member, a special stuffed animal, or into a tape recorder so they can listen to themselves read it. They really get a kick out of hearing their own voices. J Another fun way to read a story multiple times is to call a special person and read it to them over the phone. They feel like such a “big kid” to talk on the telephone! J Through repeated readings your child will increase their fluency, expression and be able to comprehend the story with a greater depth of understanding. So although your hearing the story for the 100


time pretend like it’s the first and watch your little reader blossom!

Academic Corner

Reading - Finish up Unit on Informational Books/Begin working on Reader's Theater Plays

Writing - Complete Unit: Informational Writing

Math - Begin Topic 11: Decomposing Numbers 11-19/Continue Rocket Math

Science - Learning about Animals

Ondrea Sumner

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! Thank you for always being supportive and being involved in your child's education.