Math Co-Requisite Workshop

January 4, 2016, 2:00-4:00 PM

Calling all Math faculty, lecturers, and anyone interested in the Math Dev-Ed Reform

The UHCC system is bringing Dr. Rob Jeffs to Hawaiʻi and he will be doing a series of presentations at various campuses regarding developmental math. Dr. Jeffs will be on Oahu on Monday, January 4.

Teams will find Dr. Jeffs' expertise helpful in understanding:
  • How to lead the transition to a statewide community college math pathways and corequisite math strategy
  • Development of and instruction in corequisite quantitative reasoning courses
  • Development of and instruction in a non-transferable technical math pathway and academic support model
  • Understanding the impact of gateway course placement and success through a system wide reform of gateway math pathways
  • A faculty and administrative perspective on system level reform
  • Integrating math pathways and corequisite support into a state wide student success strategy

Date: Monday, January 4
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: Dole St. Conference Room

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Dr. Rob Jeffs

Dr. Rob Jeffs is currently teaching the co-requisite, quantitative reasoning, and technical mathematics courses at Ivy Tech Community College’s Muncie Campus. He has successful experience in applying what he learns in the classroom to enhance student success by participating in or leading complex, statewide initiatives.

Ivy Tech is a complex, statewide, 14 region, singly-accredited community college system with dozens of campuses and over 180,000 students enrolled annually.

Rob is the faculty lead for the Applied Technical Pathway guiding the development of content, pedagogy, and training of 38 instructors teaching over 60 sections to over 1,000 students statewide. He co-chaired the college’s Math Pathways initiative which aligned the math needs of academic programs into a more focused three lane approach. The team adopted new assessments, eliminated stand-alone developmental math courses, and trained faculty. During the development of the pathways project he analyzed the transition’s effects on the system, finding a need for 430 new course sections, additional facilities, and 83 more credentialed faculty. His research led to college-wide strategies. His region piloted the co-requisite pedagogy a year before it expanded across the state. He was in the classroom teaching for the pilot.

Rob has served Indiana’s educational community for over 40 years teaching in public school, community college and university classrooms. He has over 25 years of program, campus, district, and system leadership experience at Ivy Tech. In addition to teaching, he currently leads fundraising, construction and campus growth at the New Castle site. He previously worked with the corporate and legislative leaders to expand childcare education and health care programs across the state. He was the chancellor of one of the first regions of Ivy Tech to transition from a technical to community college. In addition to many local boards he has served on Indiana’s workforce development board for three governors. He has degrees from Olivet Nazarene, Ball State and Indiana State University. In his spare time he sails the Great Lakes and has accumulated over 12,000 miles crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans since 2003.
Math Pathways in Action: Ivy Tech