Operation Entebbe or Jonathan

by- Raz leshem and Ido

what was it?

Operation Entebbe was a couter terroris hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

when and where did it happend?

The rescue was at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on 4 July 1976.

what happend there?

on 27 June, an Air France plane with 248 passengers was hijacked by a hijacker of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Losses and casualties.

During the operation, killed Jonathan Netanyahu-Sayeret Matkal, Commander and First Sergeant Sorin Hershko spine was severely injured and left quadriplegic.

Three hostages died during the rescue operation and Dora Bloch died afterwards in hospital in Kampala. Six hostages were wounded.

Killed all seven terrorists kidnap and 45 Ugandan soldiers. 11 MiG-17 were destroyed on the ground.

Raid on Entebbe