Christmas Around the World

Mrs. Hutchins' Geography Class

How does the rest of the world celebrate Christmas?

In light of the upcoming holiday season we are going to do a project on Christmas traditions around the world. Pick a country and research their Christmas traditions. Include a map and a description of where they are geographically located. Also include how their Geographic location may effect their Christmas traditions.

Class Blog

Please submit your country choice via our class blog. Make sure another classmate has not chosen the same country. If you have any questions or have any trouble picking a country please let me know.

Christmas Traditions Worldwide

As you explore your country and its Christmas traditions. Think about how they are similar and how they are different from ours. Some American traditions include Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and hearth decorations think about your own family traditions that maybe unique. Follow the links above to get ideas.

Class Presentations

Class Presentations will begin December 5th. Please bring a copy of your report and any visual aids you would like to present to the class.