Welcome to Virtual Learning

Dear Families,

Welcome to the VAAC!

I know this information was promised to you last week. We have been working hard to overcome some technological hiccups and roadblocks to communication between VAAC and your family. I want to say that we appreciate the grace and patience you have shown as we work to pull together many details prior to the start of school on Monday, August 31, 2020.

Again, welcome, we look forward to having a great year, learning from where you are and exceeding your own expectations!


Mrs. Ashley K. Leneway

Welcome Video

Teachers & Class Lists

VAAC teachers are just receiving class lists. They have been crafting, creating and planning their virtual learning spaces, collaborating and working incredibly hard to welcome you in just a few short days. They will be reaching out and sharing their contact information soon, along with many details about our first day of virtual learning, guidelines and expectations.

Orientation & First Day

Teachers and mentors will be connecting with you in the next day or so to share information about the first day and first week of school. We originally planned for a parent and student orientation but our staff knows the importance of connecting with your children, building relationships and making sure you have what you need to feel supported.

What to expect the first day and first week?

  • Teachers connected with you via email to get you set up on Seesaw (K-5) and Google Classroom (6-12).
  • Contact information shared.
  • Scheduling of time to meeting 1:1 or in a small group.
  • Opportunities to meet with teachers and peers in groups and classes via Zoom.
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous review of expectations and virtual learning tools.
  • Setting norms and class agreements.
  • "Getting to know You" assignments through Seesaw and Google Classroom.
  • Learning inventories
  • Opportunities for student voice- what do students want to get from this experience?

After teachers and students have had the opportunity to connect and start to form those relationships, we'll roll out the logins for Edmentum and teachers will support you through an orientation process to help you understand how to complete assignments, stay on pace and connect with teachers, mentors or technology support if and when you need help.

District Services and Coordination

Click here to find out how to get a device, access lunch services and other district coordinated services.


We are excited for our first day of virtual school! Many of you have been working hard to set up amazing home learning spaces. Share photos of your learning space on our Facebook @virtualacademyac/ and tag us with #VAAClearningspace

Here is Mrs. Leneway's #VAAClearningspace !

Big picture


We will be releasing our official school calendar on Thursday at the webinar. The longer school breaks are as follows:

September 4 & 7

Thanksgiving- 11/26 & 11/27

Winter Break- 12/21/20 to 1/1/21

Spring Break- April 2-9, 2021

The flexibility with virtual learning is that your children can learn wherever you may be!


We are in the process of importing student schedules into Edmentum. As mentioned previously, the first few days will be acclimating students to our online learning spaces, sharing expectations, explicitly teaching students how to be online learners, connecting with mentors and building relationships with students and their families.

We will be sharing more information about electives on Thursday at our webinar.

Phone Messages and Emails

Thank you for your patience and grace as I have been trying to keep up with returning phone messages and emails. With bringing on staff this week, my focus has been on preparing them and having them ready to reach out and meet you! I apologize if you have called and I have not returned your message yet.

Enrollment for VAAC will close on September 10, 2020.