nErDCamp 2017

nErDCamp 5.0

Are you ready for Day One??

Our Day One is always, yes always, a day full of excitement, collaboration, and learning. Each year the presenters AND nerdy attendees make it unique and unforgettable. This year will be no different, I'm convinced!

nErDCampMI 5.0 DAY ONE

Monday, July 10th, 9am

1400 South Dearing Road

Parma, MI

The run, the pre-conference panel, the Nerd Talks. All of it is just part of what makes this so special. We're glad you're going to be here!

By the way, good luck choosing!! Having to choose is our #1 complaint. (No, I'm not kidding...) Just click on the session and it will take you to your options!

Schedule for Day One

9 AM: Nerd Run 5K

10:30 AM: Pre-Conference Panel: 30 Reasons You Need Diverse Books in Your Classroom

12 PM: Opening and Nerd Talks

10:30 AM: Pre-Conference Panel: 30 Reasons You Need to Read Diverse Books in Your Classroom

In the auditorium!


Join us in the gym!

Be ready to be inspired!

Sessions One, Two, and Three

Please give us your feedback after each session you attend! Thanks!!

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Places in the area where you might want to eat!

There are lots of locally owned restaurants that are great! Here's a list of them, with links that will give you more information and directions!

Locally Owned Eateries in Jackson:

Chase Sports Bar

Dirty Bird

Night Light

Grand River Brewery

Iron Bark Brewery


Los Tres Amigos

Steaks ​Eatery​

Knight's Steak House

Hunt Club

Rocky Top

Bone Island Grill


Locally Owned in Albion


Lopez Taco

La Casa Mexicana

Chain Restaurants in Jackson


Texas RoadHouse

Olive Garden

Red Lobster