Back to School with Essential Oils

Ready for the most successful school-year EVER???

Tuesday July 29th 6:30-8pm Frisco, TX

Did you know essential oils can help your child in the academic setting? It's true! These power-packed natural remedies cover more than just cuts, scrapes, and general first aid.

Please join us for an evening of learning & oil demonstrations, and participate in a Q&A session with our three-person panel.

  • Jody Whitehouse: homeschooling mom
  • Courtney Magness: mother of two in elementary school
  • Natalie Smith: elementary school teacher

This FREE class will give you practical solutions to address attention, motor skills and cognitive issues such as ADD/ADHD, SPD, autism, and sleep problems. Essential oils are proven to fight germs and illness, so you'll leave knowing how to keep your child well even when strep, flu, coughs, and colds are "going around".

Perfect for parents, teachers, administrators, tutors, homeschoolers, babysitters and childcare providers! Come learn how you can use Young Living essential oils and wellness products to:

  • stimulate cognitive functioning
  • enhance concentration and focus
  • boost immune system
  • fight fatigue and get a good night's rest

Back-to-School with Essential Oils

Tuesday, July 29th, 6:30pm

RSVP for Frisco, TX location

Cost is FREE and we will offer a signup bonus for new wholesale accounts made at this class! We want to have materials ready for you, so please RSVP Jody Whitehouse by call or text to 469-666-0076 for Frisco, TX location

6:30 Snacks and gather

6:45 Presentation

7:30 Panel Q&A

7:45 Closing and account sign-up

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