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February 2021 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

In this edition:
  • New Palestine Indoor Percussion Show
  • Winter Guard Leads Off 2021
  • New Partnership: Speedrome & Circle City Raceway
  • NPHS Rehearsal & CONCERT Changes
  • Feb 10 - McDonalds Fundraiser Night
  • Calendars / Fundraisers / Archives

Performances and competitions?? No way?! YES WAY!

With keeping safety first & taking all the precautions required by State and Local officials, the New Palestine Performing Arts are beginning to reap the rewards of their hard work! It certainly doesn't look the same, but having the opportunity to perform, and to feel the thrill of competition is "normal" enough to celebrate!

Congratulations to everyone - parents & students & staff - that have continued to support the winter activities. We are getting into the flow of what it will take to keep everyone safe during these performances.

Stay Involved - Stay Safe - & Stay in the Arts!

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Intermediate

* No dates for this edition *


6th grade students are currently learning about all of the band instruments, and soon will get to sign up for Choir or Band (along with instrument selection) for 7th grade. :)

Incoming 7th Graders/parents - want some light reading material? Check THIS out.

New Palestine Junior High

February 3rd - 17th: ISSMA Piano Solo Submission Window.

February 3rd - 24th: ISSMA Solo/Ensemble Submission Window

February 12: Chick-fil-a Lunch Fundraiser (ask yer kid!) :D

New Palestine High School

February 3rd - 24th: ISSMA Solo Submission Window

February 10th (Wed): McDonald's Fundraiser Night

February 13 (Sat): Audio Theater's FIRST indoor show @ Franklin Central!

February 24th (Wed): NPHS February concert...details below!

February 26th (Fri): SET UP for New Palestine IPA Show (see below)

February 27th (Sat): New Palestine IPA Show (see below)

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Big picture

IPA heading to NEW PAL

Be on the lookout for more info & specifics

February 26 (set up)

February 27 (show day)

Very soon, we will be sending our the details of the event and the positions we will be needing volunteers for. This will be a simplified event. It will be unlike anything we've done before. Every aspect of these events have been evaluated, scrutinized, tweaked, evaluated, scrutinized, tweaked dozens of times. Safety first.

Please be on the look out for this information very soon and be ready to consider volunteering. :)

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Life's A Beach - Winter Guard leads off 2021!

After solidly qualifying for the IHSCGA State Championships, the 2020 New Palestine Varsity Winter Guard was forced from the floor by the pandemic. With a COVID-adjusted 2021 show, the Glitter Guard is poised to make another run!

On February 6th, the unit opened the competitive season at Franklin Central debuting their 2021 show, "Life's a Beach", with a very strategic approach. In order to be prepared for anything, the guard's directors and leadership decided to combine all performing levels of the NP program into one mega-team. Playing on the strengths of each member, this super group has a lot going on - at all times.

Franklin Central did a great job of keeping all the fans and teams safe. There were only five schools (Color Guards and Fans) allowed in the school at a time, and only 2 fans per performer. In between each of the 5 schools, all areas were sanitized. All spectator seating was pre-set to insure we were spaced out. Each Color Guard were allocated a section of the school to prep and warm up. Masks were required at all times, except for performers during their actual performance.

Our New Palestine Color Guard scored a 60.50, which is a GREAT start to the season!

For February, our unit will be looking forward to compete at Westfield HS, Mount Vernon HS, and Hamilton Southeastern. Good luck, Dragons!!!!!

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New Partnership!


Band & Guard Families! We have a new opportunity to fill your student account. And the whole family can get involved!

For the upcoming year we will work with Indianapolis Speedrome and Circle City Raceway. These tracks are looking for volunteers to help with concessions and trash cleanup during races from April – October.

Volunteers will be paid $10/hr and the funds will be sent directly to your student account. Kids 10 and up can do trash cleanup, and kids 14 and up can work with concessions.

You can reserve your volunteer times through the below Sign Up Genius links below. Payment for hours worked will be sent to the NPBB monthly and your student account will be credited.

To sign up for Circle City Raceway events, Click HERE.

To sign up for Indianapolis Speedrome events, Click HERE.

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HS Rehearsal & Concert Details *changes*

From Mr. Carney:

(again.... the pic is not Mr. C.. it's just some guy I found on the internet)

At this time, we are choosing to have a concert in February for our high school program. This concert is voluntary and is open to all students in our program including our fully virtual students. These rehearsal dates are firm and will take place whether school is meeting in person or virtually. If you have questions, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer them!

Beginning AND Intermediate Band Rehearsal Schedule
Wednesday, February 10th: 2:30-3:30 pm
Wednesday, February 17th: 2:30-3:30 pm

Advanced Band Rehearsal Schedule
Thursday, February 11th: 2:30-3:30 pm
Thursday, February 18th: 2:30-3:30 pm

  1. Students may stay after school in the band room provided they wear masks at all times.
  2. Students will rehearse in the band room in our normal, socially distanced setup, wearing masks and with bell covers on instruments.
  3. Students are required to leave the building immediately following the completion of rehearsal unless their ride hasn’t arrived yet.
  4. Any student waiting for a ride may do so either in the band room with mask on or outside of NPHS.

Concert Date

Wednesday, February 24 (Auditorium or Main Gymnasium)

Wednesday, March 3 (Inclement Weather Date)

Concert Schedule

6:20 pm: Earliest arrival for Beginning AND Intermediate Band
6:40 pm: Beginning AND Intermediate Band concert begins
7:00 pm: Latest possible end of Beginning AND Intermediate Band concert

7:30 pm: Earliest arrival for Advanced Band
7:45 pm: Advanced Band concert begins
8:05 pm: Latest possible end of Advanced Band concert

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McDonald's - February 10th

The McDonald's here in New Palestine has been AWESOME to the band program over the years.

Mark your calendars - Set reminders - And grab some Micky D's for dinner!

All times are from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

All methods of ordering count; Drive thru, Dine in, UberEats, and GrubHub!

Our Dates

February 10th (Wednesday)

April 28th (Wednesday)

May 24th (Monday)

Thank you to the New Pal McDonald's and THANK YOU for supporting our program!

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Current & On Going Fundraisers

Do you, or someone you know WASH CLOTHES/DISHES?

Detergent & more D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

5-gallon laundry detergent, 5-gallon fabric softener, Dishwasher tabs or Pods

These make a GREAT gift. :)

(example: buy a $45 laundry detergent... $15 is applied to a students account!)

Trash Bag D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We offer 13-gallon, 18 gallon, 29-gallon, and 55-60 gallon trash bags.

These are GOOD quality bags. Better than what you're buying at the hardware stores.

(example: buy a $14 roll of bags... $5 goes towards a students account!)

For more information, or to place an order for D5, contact Meg Cade.

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SCRIP Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We have partnered with the SCRIP fundraising activity which rewards you for buying almost anything.

Shop at Kohls? (fundraising!) Shop at Best Buy?? (fundraising!!) Eat at BW3's or Wendy's? (Fundraising!!) Do you or someone you know BUY GAS?? Yep.. gas, too.

There are currently over 750 stores that participate.

How it works:

You pick a store & buy a gift card. ($10.. $20..$50.. any amount)

You receive the gift card, and your student account receives the rebate!

Each retailer has a set rebate & some are higher than others.

Lets say you need a new refrigerator. You buy a $500 gift card through SCRIP from Home Depot (yep, they're on there too). Home Depot may have a 4% SCRIP rebate going on. Your band account receives $20 and you get the $500 to buy your fridge.

Get it?? Pretty cool, eh?

For more info on SCRIP, or for help getting started, contact Dawn Smith.

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