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Welcome to the study of Genetics

What is the study of Genetics?

The study of Genetics is the branch of biology that studies heredity. Heredity is the passing of characteristics from partents to offsrping. Characteristics that are inhereited are called traits.

Who discoverd Genetics? How did he do this?

Gregor Mendel discoverd Genetics. Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, carried out important studies of heredity. Mendel chose to use the garden pea in his experitment for several reasons for example, garden pea plants reproduce sexually which means that they produce male and female sex cells called gametes.

All about dominate/recessive alleles; heterozygous/homozygous; genotype/phenotype

Punnett Squares!

Results of Phenotype and Genotype in Punnett Squares:

The results of a phenotype in a punnett square is the physical apperance of the the child.The results of a genotype in a punnett square is the parents genetics passing to the child.

Incomplete Dominance and Codominance

Incomplete Dominance is the inheritance pattern where the phenotype of a heterozygote is intermediate between those of the two homozygotes in either allel; for example If a homozygous red flowered snapdragon plant (RR) is crossed with a homozygous white flowered snapdragon plant (R1R1) all of the F offspring will have pink flowers.**Codominance is the causes of the phenotypes of both homozygous to be produced in heterzygous individuals. Both alleles are expressed equally; for example In chickens, black feathered and white feathered birds are homozygous for the black and white alleles represented.

Multiple Alleles

Multiple alleles are presence of more than two alleles for a genetic trait. **They are used to determine the outside apperance of a person. **For example, A person could be short with blonde hair, brown eyes, and have freckles.

Sex-Linked Traits?

Sex-Linked Traits are controlled by genes located on a sex chromosome. The alleles for sex-linked traits are written as superscripts of the X or Y chromosome. Because the X and Y chromosomes are not homologus, the Y chromosome has no corresponding allele to one on the X chromsome and no superscript is used. **Examples of a sex-linked trait are hair color, eye color, and  color of a persons skin.