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Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2:

Well Paced, and Action Packed Adventure

I think that the Ranger's Apprentice is an excellent book. It contains a lot of action packed scenes, regardless if it's a major event or not. The plot is fast moving, which is nice. It never feels like it's moving too fast or too slow. Additionally, it always has some sort of development in it's sequence. It's either character or plot development at all times, so you get to know the character's better, or importance in the plot ensues.


The whole book is based around Will, a Ranger's Apprentice to Halt. Although, there's plenty more jobs than that. Will's ward mates, his friends that also had to live there because of parental fatality, went to different apprenticeships. For example, Horace, one of the main characters, is part of their Fiefdoms Knight's. The mates got to pick their desired job, but the Craftsmaster would have to give them permission to work along side them. Some jobs include, and aren't limited to: Kingdom's Kitchen Cook, Knight, Ranger, and many other occupations.


Rangers are the most mysterious job that's available. One would have to be very stealthy, able bodied, have good marksmanship, and several other traits. For example, Will and Halt are both short, which leads to them being able to fit in small places to hide from enemy troops. After all, Rangers have to be able to hide whenever need be. Also, Rangers have special green and gray cloaks to help them blend in. With this special cloak, they're practically invisible as long as they don't move. Plus, with this job, they get special horses. These horses are trained to know a special word that allows the rider to mount them. If someone attempts to mount them without saying the code word, they'll get bucked off. Even though these horses are extremely small, they can travel at speeds higher than any horse around.


The entire time of book two, they're preparing for a battle with Mogarath. Mogarath is the man who wants King Duncan dead. In this battle, Mogarath leads his army of Wargals (Side Note: Wargals are mythical beasts that resemble a mix of a bear and a gorilla) to the hill where King Duncan has station all of the Fiefdom's leader's and army's. This leads into a head on battle, with King Duncan's forces winning. Eventually, after plenty of Wargal's have perished, Mogarath commands them to turn back.

Abnormal Creatures and Mogarath's Forces

Along with the Wargals, there are plenty of grotesque beasts that reside in the mountains where Mogarath resides. Such as the Kalkara, a beast that stands taller than any man. It has blazing red eyes, that if a person looks into them, they will be paralyzed with fear. Which leads to an instant kill by the Kalkara. Additionally, Mogarath has called upon the Skandian's to aid him in battle.

Five Star Book

This book is extremely captivating to the targeted audience. If one would be intrigued by the Medieval time period, the olden weaponry used, or the disturbed monsters that consist in Mogarath's army, it'd be an excellent book to pick up.