Issues of Segregation

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James Brown & Martin Luther King

In this document, Martin Luther King and James Brown both made a huge difference in the world with the things that they had done. After King was assassinated, many people were devastated and began to create riots and violence erupted in many cities of America. James Brown performed at the city of Boston and Boston was not burned down.

The Two Towns of Jasper

In this document, James Byrd was murdered by three white men. He was chained to the back of a truck and the men dragged him two miles until he was dead and body was missing parts.
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The Three Murderers of James Byrd

What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis? And other crises?

Martin Luther King Jr. was known as a leader because he has done many things to help his community during a violence crisis. During much years of racism and abuse of blacks, King was the person to step up and give out his speeches to put a stop to the racism. After he died, many people were hugely impacted. Walter Diggles also was a leader. He was the person who gave the consequences for the three murderers of James Byrd. Many were satisfied and felt relieved after the three trials had passed and the white men did not get away with this case.

Five Questions

1. What was the reason there was a fence between the cemetery ?


2. Why was the sheriff hoping the black man was killed by another black man ?

The Community

3. Why did King, Berry, and Brewer kill James Byrd ?

Race Relations

4. Why were Berry's brother and James sister able to have a calm conversation ?

The Healing Affect

5. What was the tattoos on Trenton's body "White Power" an example of ?

Color Lines Clearly Drawn