Thomas Paine

By: Caitlin Guilliams

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His Accomplishments

Thomas Paine was most famous for his pamphlet "Common Sense," which helped motivate the idea of freedom. He also wrote other literature that started the American Revolution and helped create a way to start the Declaration of Independence. Even though Paine faced personal tragedy, he continued moving forward with his writings. Paine's also influenced other important historical writers, two president, lawyer, philosopher and a inventor all through his writings.

His Writing:

In this well known pamphlet, Paine focused on these two main points, 'Independence from England and the creation of democratic republic.' This had little effect on the Declaration of Independence. Common sense gave a path for the Declaration of Independence, this was ratified on July 1776. Paine's pamphlet was what people were thinking, just to afraid to say a loud. "Common Sense" gave the American colonists an argument for their freedom. He wrote "Common Sense" for all people to understand the point being drawn across. Paine was married in 1760 to Mary Lambert who died labor with the baby. He remarried again in 1771. He separated from his second wife in 1774, as he started for the Americans colonies. Neither marriage made him happy in anyway. He published a pamphlet called 'The Case of the Officers of Exercise' and put the time into campaigning in London. Benjamin Franklin helped come over to America in 1774 of October.
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His Contribution to the War:

When Paine came to America, he committed to the cause of the independence of America. Paine wrote "Common Sense" and another writing called The American Crisis (another one of his pamphlets) which also helped inspire the people, who started the Revolutionary War. Paine believed that that the war was a needed thing for a political system. Also he thought that America was unbeatable. Another fact about Paine is that he has claimed the title of 'The Father of the American Revolution.' Crisis, motivated the colonists to not give up the fight with the British. Without Thomas Paine and his important writing, the troops would have given up. When the war ended his financial position was risky, he had to repay the government.

'The American Crisis' Quote:

' Hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph...' - Thomas Paine 'The American Crisis'

The End of Paine!

Thomas Paine is a major reason why America is what it is today. Through his writing in "Common Sense," Paine has showed a strong sense of individuality. He gave the colonists the idea about freedom and gave us a plan to gain freedom all because he inspired people like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison.
Thomas Paine "Common Sense"