Communicating with Other Languages

How to talk to non-English Speakers

Speak Clearly

Speak normal volume

don't cover your mouth

don't use baby talk

use simple words

use "yes" and "no" not "uh-huh" or "uh-uh"

Communication between different cultures

Be aware that that other cultures have different standards regarding touching,eye contact,and personal space. For example in the Middle East nodding your head down means you're agreeing,while nodding your head up means you're disagreeing.Some cultures value eye contact while other cultures do not.

How to say "Hi,how are you?" in different languages

French: Salut,comment allez-vous?

Spanish: Hola,Como estas?

Italian: Ciao,come stai?

German: Hallo,wie geht es dir?

Arabic: hi kako si?

Hungarian: szia hogy vagy?