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WHAT'S NEW? (September 25, 2015)

Hi Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your lovely day off of school.

Friday Folders (green) are coming home today. Please take a minute to look at your child's math test and other work inside. The math test, vocabulary test, and blue Friday Reflection sheet needs to be signed by a parent and returned on Monday. Thanks so much!

Read below to see what else we did this week.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


This week in math, the students viewed their score of the Chapter 1 test. They were pleasantly surprised at how much they have learned since taking their pretest. The tests will be coming home in their Friday Folder today. Please take a moment to read the letter attached, sign the test, and return it on Monday.

Another friendly reminder on Math facts. If you notice your child is not automatic with his/her recall of multiplication facts, please encourage nightly practice. The website below, "Dad's Worksheets" has eight rules for mastering the times tables. Our class used a multiplication chart to highlight the facts that we know or have strategies for. We then identified the last few facts that they need to study/memorize. Take a look at the website below to see what the lesson was all about.

Next week: Continuing Chapter 2 (Double digit multiplication and long division)

Click below for extra Math help:

Greenbriar Math Interventionist Website

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, the students learned about Close Reading. Close Reading is defined as careful and purposeful reading. In other words, it consists of rereading text for deeper comprehension. We discussed the importance of listening to that "inner voice" in their head to be more aware of what they are thinking. The students read a book called, "How Many Days to America?" by Eve Bunting and then followed up with an article about migrants/refugee children coming to America. They were able to make connections between the two books and were able to formulate multiple questions during the readings.

Click below for the 2016 Caudill Nominees:

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, the students learned about the Boston Massacre that took place in 1770. Did you know that John Adams defended the British soldiers that were accused of killing 5 people in the Boston Massacre? The students watched a clip of the the HBO series, John Adams, to see the events of this "massacre" and the fair trial that took place. The tensions in the colonies were at a fever point, yet Adams had confidence in our judicial system and decided to defend the soldiers.

The students worked hard and are now ready to "Present an Event". We started some presentations today and will continue next week. We discussed the importance of not reading the presentation to the audience, making eye contact, and using a loud speaking voice.

Next week: Propaganda during the Revolutionary War and Primary vs. Secondary sources.

Writer's Workshop

In Writers Workshop this week, the students read picture books trying to identify the attributes of a Memoir. We made a chart listing all of these characteristics and worked hard to identify them in picture books.

Next week: Brainstorming ideas for a Memoir.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Tuesday, October 6th
  • Picture Day

  • Monday, October 12th
  • NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

Ask Your Child About.....

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The students had their first Vocabulary test today. The Vocabulary program works like this:
Monday- introduce 8 new words.
Tuesday- Use the words in a sentence
Wednesday- Read a short story with the 8 words in it.
Thursday- Play a vocabulary game to reinforce words.
Friday- Vocabulary test

Each Monday, your child will receive a pink sheet with the new Vocabulary words and the definition of each word. This will be in their "take home folder" for you to look at and to help your child study. The best way to "study" at home is to use these new words in conversation as much as possible.

Click the link below to find out next week's words: (Lesson 2)

Vocabulary - Lesson 2: