Computer Programming at its Best

Become a computer programmer and help others.

Become a computer programmer!

Be a computer programmer to work in a new area of technology that you may have never seen!

Branch of science

I think this career is in physical science because it has to do with the study of inanimate objects. Being a computer programmer you are working with inanimate objects such as computers and other technology. You are only dealing with people on occasion because this job only revolves around updating and improving technology.


To be a computer programmer you have too meet certain requirements. A bachelors degree is the minimum degree level required for entry. This major is creating computer programs, also improving ones that already exist. With this job it can depend on where you work for which program you would be improving. Courses that would be helpful to take in high school include calculus, technical writing, advanced, and trigonometry/advanced algebra. A good class to take in high school to help you with this career would be computer science.

This school setting is urban. It is also a public school. The classes at this school are quite large compared to other schools. But I like larger classes, so I can see a variety of people and how they work and solve problems.

Training school and college

I chose this college because it offers outstanding value. It keeps withing the financial reach for many people. This school I have chosen is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is an urban setting and also a public school. It is a two year college. The total enrollment is over twenty thousand, and there is a four to five ratio, women being the five.


To get into this school you need a 3.0 GPA. You also need an ACT of above 22. Last of all you need an SAT score of above 1700. You will need all of these to get excepted into this school.


In Wisconsin the salaries for being a computer programmer ranges from 50,490-113,110. Nationwide the salaries can range from 54,360 - 113,110.

About the job

As a compote programmer you are being trained to write and design computer software, for various people and companies. Working as a computer programmer has its pros and cons. The conditions for working as this job can be good, and bad depending on where you work. The work environment also varies on where you are working.

Factors that effect employment

To find a job as a computer programmer you have better chances of getting a decent job if you have taken high school and college courses that support this career. It will not be easy to find a job in Wisconsin compared to nationwide jobs. This job is very uncommon in Wisconsin, and would need a very prepared person to work for the companies. There is also a variety of people nationwide looking for people who major in this career.


If I went into this career someday I would choose to work at WC Connection Employer Enterprise Solutions Tec Group. It is located at 403 Washington Ave. in Madison Wisconsin. It is close to home, and is the kind of job I would be looking for.


I could see myself being a computer programmer some day in the future. It would be a interesting career to go into. Although, this career sounds like it has some challenges. Including the huge responsibility it would take, and also the dedication to the job and company you are working for. Personally I think that it would be fun to work with new software and update existing software. But I also think it will be difficult to figure out how to work everything and get it done in a timely manner.


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