The Savannah River Basin

The Savannah river basin in located mainly in South Carolina and Georgia but partially in North Carolina. There are 198 miles of rivers and streams included in the Savannah river basin. There are 5,563 people who live in the Savannah river basin. % important places that are part of this basin are the Chattooga, Horsepasture, Toxaway, Whitewater and Thompson rivers. Some examples of non-point sources of pollution would be excess fertilizers and herbicides also oil, grease and toxic chemicals from urban runoff. Some examples of point source pollution would be pipes from sewage treatment plants also a pipe from factories. One way we could reduce waste from non-point resource pollutants is to clean up the excess fertilizers. A way we could reduce the waste from point sources is to have big factories work with things that are much less harmful for the enviroment.