St. Louis Baby!!!!

Want an awesome vacation? Go to St. Louis.


Parents, you want to take a vacation that's close to your hometown Kansas City Missouri. Your son likes baceball, your daughter is in photography and you got little monkeys that go BANANAS!!!! So where are you gonna go? ST. LOUIS BABY!!!!

Why St. Louis?

St. Louis has one of the tallest land marks in America plus it's so fun you'll think you're dreaming.

What to Bring

It's four hour drive so you might want to bring snacks, drinks, gas money and what's gas money with out a car? You also want to bring clothes, a camera, a jacket, an umbrella and extra money for more stuff but if it's the summer, sun block also some good luck for every season.


There are so many things to do I don't know where to start. Well there is the arch wich stands 630 feet high. There is also a bunch of museums for you to visit.

fast facts

More Things to do

The zoo, (If you're an animal lover.)

Carrige Riding, ( If you love horses.)

Hellicopter rides, ( If you aren't afraid of heights.)

Tom Sawyer tourist boat, ( If you won't get sea sick.)

Last but not least...

The Becky Thatcher tourist boat. ( If you won't get sea sick.

Bye Bye St. Louis

Now that you've had your fun it's time to go home so pack up and say goooooooodbye St. Louis.