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September 18, 2016

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God!

  • Kids: 744

  • First Timers: 20

  • Volunteers: 217

In KidSpring, everything we do is about kids getting Jesus on their level. But never forget, that as you're impacting the lives of kids, you're providing space for parents to worship & grow in Jesus too! Every week we follow up with first time parents to see how their kids enjoyed KidSpring and what they thought of NewSpring. This is a response we got from a parent this week, "Thank you for the follow up. Both of my girls had a great time. Thank you for allowing me to have an hour to worship without distraction!"

You're changing kids lives but as their parents are hearing from Jesus, it's changing the trajectory of their family. Matt & Whitney just started coming to NewSpring a month ago. They have a baby in WonderWay & twins in Preschool that love KidSpring. Last Sunday, they took their next step to sign up for Baptism. The impact that you're having on families is beyond what you can see each week, but you're making a difference!

Volunteer Devotion for Week 6

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This Week in KidSpring


"On the Farm" Song Training

OTF2_Intro Training

"On the Farm" Song

"Fruit of the Spirit" Song

OTF2_PS_Song_Fruit Of The Spirit


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"Fruit of the Spirit" Song

Fruit of the Spirit

"Set an Example" Song

Set an Example | Elementary Worship Song