Paws to Read

Anmol P.

Why this quote?

I chose this quote because I agree with it. I dislike when people are nosy and get into your business. I also love reading and keep my nose in a book whenever I get the chance.

About Me!

How does reading make me feel?

I like reading in my free time because it just makes me feel calm and happy. Reading is fun and peaceful. When I read a book I feel like I am in it and block out everything I hear. I still remember reading Junie B. Jones when I was kindergarten and got so happy when I finished a book.

10 Things About Me as a Reader

1. I love mystery books.

2. I block out everything I hear when I am reading.

3. I am a slow reader.

4. I was part of TAG.

5. Reading is my hobby.

6. I can't find a comfortable spot when reading.

7. I don't like reading things that I've already read more than once.

8. I like listening to people read rather than reading silently.

9. It is really hard for a book to impress me.

10. I easily give up on books.

Where Should You Go if You Don't Know What to Read?

This is a good site because you can type in the author you like and it will give you books that are good by that author.

How Reading Makes Me Feel

Katy Perry - Roar with Lyrics
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My Favorite Author!!!

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is famous for writing the Harry Potter series.


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