Gifted Education

A Partnership to Maximize Student Potential

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What are some characteristics of gifted students?

  • Communicate Well
  • Retain Information
  • Creative
  • Problem Solvers
  • Curious
  • Rapid Learners
  • Imaginative
  • Can be Self-critical
  • Can be Impatient

Gifted Learners Not Being Challenged May Feel:

- Unmotivated - Bored - Frustrated - Disinterested -

Strategies for Teaching Gifted Learners:

- Student Centered Activities

- Cooperative Learning

- Project Based Learning

- Differential Lessons

- Academic Contests

- Promote Critical Thinking

- Fosters Creativity

Counselors can assist with the following social aspects of giftedness:

Peer Relationships - Stress Management - Perfectionism - Depression

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Gifted Education at Your School

Twin Rivers Middle School offers Gifted instruction and Accelerated course to challenge and extend our gifted learners.

The local school gifted contact is Stacy Keevan.

Created By:

Abby Anderson
Teela Czar
Holli Greene
Caitie Kraeling