W7 ICT Mentor Workshop

for W7 Phase 2 and 3 Mentors

W7 ICT Mentor Workshop

Wednesday, Oct. 17th 2012 at 2:30-5:30pm

6 Boon Lay Avenue

Workshop will be held at History Room at Block D Level 2.


This second stage workshop will equip W7 ICT mentors (Phase 2 & 3) will the skills to perform their mentoring role to achieve the outcomes of MOE Masterplan 3. The following are the objectives for this workshop.
  • Skills in leading Professional Learning Team (PLT) and Lesson Study (LS) for education research.
  • Learning and teaching project ideation for 2013

After the workshop, ICT Mentors will

  • either lead or be co-leader of an ICT PLT
  • join W7 subject chapters
  • share their PLT findings at cluster sharing platform (e.g., Shine@Fuhua) minimally
  • submit at least 1 lesson ideas/plans to ICT Connection


2.00-2.30pm - Registration and configuration of laptops to access RVHS wifi

2.30-3.30pm - Part 1 of workshop

3.30-3.45pm - Tea break

3.45-5.30pm - Part 2 of workshop (include ideation of project for 2013)


Wifi access will be provided. Instructions to connect to RVHS wifi will be given during the registration from 2 to 2.30pm.

Once you arrive at RVHS General Office, there should be signs to lead you to the venue.

Parking and driving instruction is below.

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