The Plague

(Black Death) By Edgar Rodriguez

The Plague History

It started on 1347 across Europe after three years it was on every part of Europe. It got spread by sailors that crossed the Black Death. It came from central Asia and China.

The Culprits

The Yesenia Testis fleas, rats are the culprits of black death. The bacteria gave it to rats, rats ate food then fleas ate some. That's how it started then it spread to people then they populated the air.


The Plague started on Central Asia then spread to China and India. Then it got to Europe then started spreading around the world. It killed over 20 million people.

Plague Doctor

A special medical physician that treated the ones with a plague. They used a mask that looked like a birds beak to protect their self from decease.


Buboes ( swollen, painful, warm lymph nodes) fever, headaches, fatigue or malaise and muscle aches. These symptoms are from the Black Death.